Short on time? Visit the nearby town of Tequila to experience the makings of this famous drink yourself or explore the labyrinth of a local market. The biggest mobile provider is Telcel and it’s super easy to get set up with them as long as your phone is unlocked. Mexico travel is already very budget-friendly, but there are still some things to keep in mind that can make your trip even cheaper. View last reply. When backpacking around Mexico, staying in hostels, and visiting more off the beaten path places, you'll meet a very diverse cast of characters from all over the place. Up and down the coast, you’re spoiled with options for other smaller towns to visit, such as Yelapa, Bucerias, and Sayulita. What I will say is that I’ve traveled all over Mexico and always choose to do so independently and I have never had any issues or felt in danger. Isla Cozumel is an extremely pretty island, but I personally don’t like places that are super touristy, which Cozumel most definitely is. It is much larger than San Miguel de Allende and not so much on the “tourist trail” which can make it a bit harder to explore. You can easily get to your destination cheaply and comfortably when traveling in Mexico. This will never cost you anything extra and in some cases, you'll even receive a discount for using our links. To open any of the road trip maps into your own Google Maps app, simply tap the small square icon on the top right-hand side of the map when looking at this article from your phone. We stopped from one to three nights in each place. There are 18 teams in Liga MX, so you can also catch games in cities like Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla, Morelia, and several others. Puebla is a picturesque colonial city just a 3-hour drive outside of Mexico City. In the Riviera Maya in Mexico, you can see baby turtles hatch (August to November), swim with whale sharks (May to August) and check out amazing underground rivers called cenotes (year round) that are found only in the Yucatan. This city has some amazing food options. Luxurious buses run like clockwork and depending on the company, they depart every 15 – 30. Take these roads slowly and don’t drive tired. It’s a small, pregnant-fish-shaped island filled with amazing snorkeling and scuba diving. Many travellers to Mexico are just starting out on a longer backpacking trip through Latin America. The #1 concern for everyone considering this type of travel is: “is it safe to road trip through Mexico?”. Click this box to shop for travel-related items, or check out our packing lists. Los 10 Mejores Road Trips De México Después de tantos años de viajar, hemos logrado llegar a lugares increíbles. The UNESCO listed Centro Historico, as well as the many quaint shopfronts, bars, and cafes, will surely delight your senses. After making your way across the border plan a stop in Tijuana. In addition to airports, you'll find these in popular tourist zones. Got it! Ruta 1 is a more than 1,000 km stretch of Mexico that takes you through wine country, valleys, and desert, and along the coastline, past mountains and through many charming little villages and beach towns. We do our best to cover as many different places as possible so that you can better plan your next trip to Mexico. Vous partez prochainement au Mexique dans la région du Yucatan?Vous êtes au bon endroit ! You can head straight to Loreto, 6 hours southeast of Guerrero Negro. If you're looking for great tours,  we can't recommend GetYourGuide enough. This mountainous drive will take 3 hours to get to El Chiflon from San Cristobal de las Casas. The beaches are deliciously sandy, clear and usually pretty quiet, especially outside of high season. If you like art, you can find plenty of that as well as wood and metal craft at Artist Alley along the Free Road (Km 30). Famous for its tequila and mariachi music, Guadalajara is where you will come to soak up some authentic Mexico feels far off the busy tourist trail. Mexico City is possibly one of the world’s most underrated foodie destinations. Get A FREE Personalised Savings Plan & Kickstart Your Travels TODAY! Made of raw fish, lime juice, and chilli, it's typically eaten with crispy tostadas or saltine crackers and served with a variety of hot sauces. Entre plages de rêve, cités Maya, réserves naturelles, cenotes, gastronomie et culture, c’est la destination idéale pour des vacances exotiques ! Since the colonization of Mexico, the indigenous groups have mixed with Europeans. During the high season (November-March), you can expect to meet lots of snowbirds from the US and Canada who live in Mexico for half the year. partially abandoned mind-blowing village of Real de Catorce. This road trip option is perfect for people with a limited amount of time. Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular in the world, and it's obviously the best in the country itself. On this Central Mexico road trip you’ll drive from Mexico City to Oaxaca, stopping in at the pretty city of Puebla and an incredible UNESCO heritage biosphere reserve to see thousands of cactuses. It was a major trading hub for gold and silver in the 16th to 19th centuries. This quintessential road trip takes you through some of the most spectacular driving scenery Mexico has to offer. It wasn’t until the year 2000 with the victory of Vicente Fox that an opposition candidate took the presidency of Mexico. Alternatively, you can do these activities as day trips from Tulum or Playa del Carmen. Many Mexicans speak English, especially the ones who work in the tourism sectors. We purchase the majority of our travel gear on Amazon. Basically all of the southwestern US plus California and Texas were once a part of Mexico. We use to book all of our accommodation  while we're travelling. In most case they aren't. Plus you get a few awesome bars, decent nightlife and some great boutique hotels set right on the sand. Keep these things in mind before heading there: While much of Mexico is very safe, there's still a lot of violence going on. Book those flights in advance for a great deal, and stick to the super comfortable buses for shorter distances. Try ziplining or ride an ATV on the dunes. But you’ll save a lot of driving time and avoid the endless topes. But before leaving Valle you may want to stop at the Wine Museum. How much you're allowed to take out and how much the fee is depends on the bank. Save those Netflix shows for later and read up on the country you’re headed to instead. However, halfway through this drive, a small town called Ocosingo closed down due to protests and it was dangerous to drive through (in mid-2018). 11 mai 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "Road trip mexique" de Sylvie Latendresse sur Pinterest. They're usually a bit bigger as well, so you might only need one to fill up. You can pick up a bottle from the store for $5-6, or pay about the same for a glass in a restaurant or bar. There are no vaccinations that are required for Mexico travel. However, I almost always end up going with Hertz Car Rental as they have great prices and are very trustworthy. It's no secret that people travel to Mexico to party. When you travel to Mexico, you’ll quickly realize just how wonderful the people are here. Since there isn’t much online about these sorts of things, you might find it useful to ask a forum about your planned route. In the evening, hit up a cantina to sample some tequila or mezcal. If you have a guide for the full day, then a tip of around 100 pesos and if you take part in a free walking tour, the same tip applies. Nous sommes partis 15 jours en voyage au Mexique dans le Yucatan et le Quintana Roo, deux régions à l’est du pays. I highly recommend heading to the beach area to stay because the town can be quite hot and dusty. Chances are you won't find any of those things in your taco in Mexico! Spending a few dollars extra can even get you a private en suite room. Unless you’re staying in a fancy beachside resort or partying it up in enormous nightclubs, you’ll probably want to leave Cancun as soon as possible. If coming in the other direction from Central America, you can cross into Mexico from either Belize or Guatemala. Travel off the beaten path in Mexico and you'll find a place that feels worlds away from Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. You can then select an area to download and use offline ready for when you don’t have access to mobile data in Mexico. While you’ll find that many people speak English in Mexico - especially in touristy areas - it never hurts to be equipped with a bit of . From Merida, it’s an easy 2-hour drive to the ruins of Chichen Itza. Sundays are definitely for going to church in Mexico, so you can expect the streets to be quiet and many places to be closed. Pretty much any dive off of Isla Mujeres is going to be exciting, but a trip to the nearby Isla Mujeres National Marine Park is likely going to be one of the major highlights of your diving trip to Mexico. It helps to keep this site running so we do appreciate your support. You won’t NEED Spanish while on the road in Mexico, you can definitely get by without it. There are about six million people in Mexico who speak indigenous languages. If you have time, take another day trip to the cenotes of Cuzama, where you’ll take a tour by horse and cart along the train tracks to three different but impressive cenotes. Usually, police don’t want to cause a scene so you could ask to be taken to the official office for processing as a way to get out of paying a bribe. Art, culture, wine, gastronomy, and nature are just a few reasons to visit. Note that you must maintain your home country comprehensive/collision insurance while you are in Mexico. If you’re taking it slow, you can take overnight stops at San Ignacio, a cute village on a lake, or Mulege for beautiful beaches. Plus, all these hotels have FREE parking, either securely on site or on the street nearby. You have two other options. Before traveling Mexico, you should be conscious of the following customs. They now have an established gastro district that extends from downtown to Zona Río on Avenida Sonora in the Chapultepec area. Head to the beach in Puerto Morelos for lunch before carrying on. In restaurants it's good to tip about 10% on the bill, but while eating at small street food stands this isn't necessary (though always appreciated). Spending a little more means you can get a private room, eat at decent restaurants, go out for a few drinks, and do a bit more sightseeing. Many travellers visit Puebla as a day-trip from the capital but given it’s en-route, it’s well worth stopping off here for a few nights to catch your breath before heading to Mexico City. As I mentioned in the cultural quirks section, “Mexican time” is definitely a thing. Speaking Spanish helps a bit, but even then you'll pay more than locals for a lot of things. Our experience with police has, for the most part, been amazing. At the border the owner of the vehicle gains entry at immigration, their passport is stamped and they are given a Mexico Tourist Card. Those not interested in being around a bunch of drunk 18 year olds may want to consider visiting at a different time. It’s also common for people to tell you that something will happen right away or very soon, when in fact it’s going to take a while. If available, we give you the opportunity to read even more about each destination so you can plan accordingly. Americans may want to consider opening an account with Charles Schwab, as they reimburse all ATM fees at the end of the month.Cash Exchanges: Of course, there are plenty of cash exchanges ready and willing to change your money. This is northern Mexico, and it is the road trip of a lifetime! Let's take a closer look at how much it costs to have a drink (or six) in Mexico. Sure, you could easily burn through your bank account by staying in all-inclusive resorts and hiring a private driver, but budget travellers will do just fine here as well. It’s a whopping 8 hours drive before you’ll arrive for an overnight in Tuxtla Gutierrez (add an extra 1 hour onwards to San Cristobal de las Casas if you don’t want to stay in Tuxtla). You can check the Wikipedia page on the visa policy of Mexico for specific details.If you’re from Russia, Ukraine, or Turkey, you can obtain an electronic authorization visa that’s good for 30 days and allows you to travel by air to Mexico. You can also take a horseback ride to see views of the city and other important landmarks nearby, go on a hike or ride on the top of a Willy’s Jeep through the spectacular valleys nearby. If you enjoy the laid back, sun-soaked life, be sure to spend at least a week in these two towns. Mexico is incredibly diverse, and having your own transport will allow you to experience more and enjoy this amazing country in an immersive way. But that’s fine; just see what you can, because the place you will visit next will be sure to impress you the most! Below you'll find our personal travel experiences and travel blogs from Mexico. Not as many tourists get here, as it’s not so much on the main tourist path. Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1821 after a long and bloody war. You’ll soon warm up to Mexico City. You can base yourself in bustling tourist centers like Playa del Carmen or Tulum, choose a quieter town like Akumal, or head out to the island of Cozumel. Other nationalities will have to obtain a visa in advance and are advised to contact the nearest Mexican embassy or consulate for details. The protests lasted for many months. Expect to pay around $3-5 for these depending on where you are and what you eat.When going out to nicer restaurants, you can still have a great meal for a very reasonable price. What road trip route you decide to take will probably depend on where you leave from and how much time you have. Of course, take care of your valuables and don’t go flashing your brand new iPhone or fancy camera around. It’s rough around the edges and full of people (did you know Mexico City’s population is the same as the whole of Australia’s?) The beaches in Huatulco were some of my favorite in Mexico. One of the best parts about seeing lucha libre is just how cheap it is. To see how we film over a car when we pick them up from the car rental agency; watch this video. Although touristy, there’s a reason why. Not everything can be accessed by a colectivo, bus or even a taxi. However, it will really depend on where you plan to cross. While it may be very hot and rainy on the coast, it’s more pleasant in the central part of Mexico. Road-trip Mexique Yucatan en 17 jours. They'll usually have a tip jar, though, so toss a few coins in if you enjoyed your food. In nicer restaurants, a good rule of thumb is to leave a 10-15% tip if you enjoyed the meal and the service.You don't need to tip taxi drivers in Mexico, but if you hired a private driver for the day it's nice to leave them a little something extra. You may, however, have to pay extra for things like WiFi. Plus it boasts a pretty malecon, a big sailing community, and some great restaurants. I don’t want to give away too much, but the stories are heartwarming and so very interesting! There are plenty of great travel blogs out there, as well as more specific blogs run by expats who have lived in Mexico for several years. Mole is a type of sauce that comes from Oaxaca, and it's extremely popular all over Mexico. If you’re spending that much for an AI, it’s probably best to just disconnect and enjoy yourself! You may also need to purchase a Temporary Import Permit for your vehicle. How much you spend is really up to your and your individual tastes. Required fields are marked *, Home » North America » Mexico » Mexico Road Trip: All You Need To Know About Driving in Mexico. From street side stalls churning out tacos and tamales, to world-class restaurants serving up thousand year-old dishes with a modern, It was a rainy day in San Pancho so we headed to our favourite restaurant to use the wi-fi. Firstly, driving through Mexico is quite safe, for the most part. Here are a few money saving tips to help you out. There may just be too many places to visit in Mexico. We would compare the time that Google Maps said it would take with how long it actually took us and it would almost always take twice as long as what Google Maps had said. It’s an amazing place to whale watch if you’re there between December and April. When you drive your American (or Canadian) registered vehicle into Mexico from the USA you will need to buy insurance and to fill out the required paperwork either at the border or before you leave. Your road trip starts in Mexico City, where you will see the countries beating heart. As mentioned Mexico’s roads aren’t the best. Going on a road trip really is one of the best ways to explore Mexico. of the magical hotels in Real for at least a couple of nights. The sky is the limit a this point. While all the people here are known as Mexican, there are many different ethnic groups that make up the country's diverse population. Don’t stay the night here though, it’s terribly overpriced. Probably the coolest island, with some of the best beaches in Mexico, "The Island of Women" is a place blessed with plenty of white sand paradises. Air marin Amériques Mexique Road-trip Voyages. However, from this town, you should embark on a tour through the Canyon de Sumidero to see the Christmas Tree Falls. We use and recommend World Nomads Travel Insurance. If you're looking for a good meal on a budget, look for signs that say comida corrida. Trying to visit all of Mexico would take a lifetime, but knowing the best places to visit will help you plan your trip. When a book author is incorrect they get punished. Visit beautifully secluded falls like Agua Azul, Misol-Ha and Roberto Barrios. Guerrero Negro is eight hours driving south of Ensenada. Believe it or not, it’s possible to fly direct from Tokyo or Shanghai to Mexico City, although it may be cheaper to fly through the US first. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Road trip mexique, Road trip, Mexique. When traveling on the coast, you'll definitely want to sample some seafood. If you’re after that quintessential “I’m in Mexico” photo, this is the place to get it. If you haven’t seen enough ruins yet, be sure to rise super early for a stopover at Calakmul, one of Mexico’s more impressive but lesser-visited ancient Mayan ruins. Thankfully, it's also quite cheap to order drinks from the bar. It is up to you whether you want to fight it or pay it. Here you can visit the world's largest pyramid and several other archaeological wonders. DISTANCE COVERED: 1,839 km (1,143 miles). Beautiful architecture, tequila, gothic churches, rough local bars, and abandoned villages dominate this route. If you want to travel this road, be sure to ask any forums you are a part of or join the San Cristobal Expat Facebook group to ask. While the secret is out on Tulum and it's no longer a hidden gem, the perfect, powdery white sand and brilliant blue water is undeniable here. Women and children even get their own cars, which you’ll want to use especially during rush hours. There are so many great places to get under the water and go scuba diving in Mexico. Upon your return, you can cross the border back into the US at Tecate or head west to Otay Mesa. Don’t forget to take a quick picture of the fuel gauge to easily remember the level! In Mexico, families hold a huge celebration for their daughter’s 15th birthday known as a Quinceañera. Possibly one of the scariest problems you might encounter while doing your road trip through Mexico would be the drug-related problems, especially if you are driving south coming from the USA. Sometimes the best way to understand a destination is through the lens of other travellers. In the last year, there have been several reports of people being drugged at all-inclusive resorts. These two smaller cities are very easily reached from the capital. Check out the top 10 beaches in Puerto Vallarta. Once you’ve finished with Huatulco, you’ll be crossing the state boarder into Chiapas. Locals usually stick to beer or the harder stuff. One look at the incredible temple and you'll be glad you did. Here’s a great forum with this exact question asked. Both will take approximately the same amount of time. She loves telling stories with her photos, is addicted to travel and has lots of funny adventures to share from her experiences! Isla Mujeres is one of those places that quickly captures the hearts of everyone who goes there. but with a charm that cannot be ignored. Some signs are even hand-written by residents of the area! The Daily. Do a tour of the church where you will learn that Real de Catorce is also a pilgrimage site for Mexicans who want to pray to the shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi. Click Here to see available  tours across the country. Le Road Trip commence par 3 jours aux alentours de la capitale du Mexique. The National Revolutionary Party was formed in 1929, and they have mostly held onto power ever since. The roads in Mexico are bad. Be sure to try a world-renowned meal, see the sunrise over Canada de la Virgen Ruins and soak up the addictive atmosphere. Its famous for its incredible Mexican food, impressive architecture and beautiful pottery. Of the indigenous groups in Mexico, the Nahua is the largest with a population of 2.5 million. Not only is it very diverse and mouth-wateringly delicious, but it's also super affordable. Although most of the coast (7,338 km) is on the Pacific side where you can enjoy amazing sunsets, there is still a lot of places where land meets the Caribbean Sea - for those seeking the postcard perfect white sand and turquoise water. Malaria is not common in Mexico, but those trekking through rural areas may want to bring along some malaria pills just in case. The rains on the Pacific Coast in particular can even be monsoon-like during this time, while on the Caribbean side, there’s a chance that a hurricane could blow through. Check out the blog posts we've about Mexico below. For starters, just to get into the town you have to drive through a 2 km tunnel through the mountains. Don’t let it bother you and instead enjoy the more laid-back pace of life. Je sors le blog de sa léthargie actuelle pour vous parler vacances ! Maestro Melchor uses the famed Warren Hardy method, which you can also follow at the original school in San Miguel de Allende. The Mesoamerican Reef System off the south coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is definitely one of the best dive locations on Earth, but freshwater cave dives and rocky dives on the west coast make Mexico a true diver's paradise.

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