Text Channels. Normal server with great custom channel names and drug-related roles. Everything Anime An awesome template for friends or for a public server! Home Bots ... every 5e class and discord bots. This is a template for a server to play D&D with your friends. will not be tolerated. DayZ. t.use {code} [options] Use a template from our website in your website. Membership screening discord . Active 3 days ago. t.create [options] Create a template of your server for public listing. Discord servers tagged with promotion | DISBOARD Provided by : disboard.org FREE We have over 30+ Advertising and Self-Promotion channels to choose from. We have a warm and welcoming community, and can't wait for you to join our little family! handouts. Channels ↷ . Failure to do so can result in consequences. Use Template. Please try to use grammar at all times, this … Ban. Warning. Showing templates that have the most downloads. 89 times Hello to every single person seeing this message I have made a simple template for you all to enjoy it with your … You must drive vehicles appropriate to the AOP at all times, if caught in an unrealistic … 3 strikes and you're out. In this video, I'll show you exactly how to make a Discord server from start to finish. Universal rules apply to our server! ducky#2974. Leave options empty for more info. playing. Home Popular Browse Bot. Mar 11th, 2020. ds.load template https://discord.new/ uyVSNejZVV4n für-alle. We have a small but very dedicated staff team. DISCORD MODERATION RULES. Official template made by Discord for local communities and friends! 2. They will be displayed in a welcome channel for when someone enters your server. Community; Support; Youtuber-yuki-yuki#0001. announcements. School Discord server Template: Contains grades 6-Collage Events Rules Statistics So now when any users join the discord server with … ... Do NOT plagiarize our server, this includes the formats we use for rules, info, so on and so fourth, and the formats we use for the server, some of the plugin's are fine to use as they are open source, but do NOT copy us, you will be banned if caught You may not use @here or @everyone without Authorization from … 4. Relationship Advice Discord Server. Be Nice (Again. A community server for your needs! "Kids" being <13? Settings. Welcome to the {Server Name} Here is a place for {Brief description … * entrance꒱꒱ ╭─ rules │-̗̀∙general∙info │«»∙introductions ╰─ boosters ↷ . Community Server by me. You may not sexualize minors in any way. Discord Server templates offers a collection of user created Server Templates. You can start your application by heading over to the #applications channel. Jul 3rd, 2017. I recommend the Avrae bot for this, even if you don't use DnD beyond. server-rules; warnings Text Channels auddit-logs; general-chat; members-chat; leaders-chat; gallery; bot-commands; reports Voice Channels General; General ll; Members; Clan Leaders; Music Channel; Private (#2) Private (#3) Private (#4) Private (#5) Away; Creator. Westleys#0001. Here you can introduce yourself, to be considered for whitelisting! rules. The Great … Listing Owner Hopi#7807. This is a large advertising server with everything you would expect plus custom color roles, tiered partners, detailed information and rules, and more. a Community Server? 44889; 86; Community Server. Returns our Discord Server's invite link for support, questions, bug reports and more. Home Bots ... Login with Discord. Creator Cheems Jr.#6669 Used 1 time(s) Template Details; Channels SERVER STATS All Members: 46. … Some facts: We have a steady 20 players on at all times since launch day . Sign in with Discord Sign in. Rainbow Six Siege. Kick. Some reasons to receive a warning consist of:-NSFW content -Talking in the wrong channel-Cursing-Bullying-Caps abuse And more of course. Aesthetic/colorful server template Colorful/aesthetic template. Members: 29. The following rules apply to all channels in this server: 1. Channels. Unirse al Servidor. Information welcome rules roles … 1,857 . Home Bots ... Login with Discord. Kick. Hey everyone, due to some recording issues this video only has the template and not much of a tutorial. Play. 1 on 1. 1. Our … Discord Server Welcome Message Template. This includes sharing content or links which depict minors in a pornographic, … No spamming in any of the channels. Please respect the topics for each channel, you can find channel topics in the server's #welcome channel. Creator Ash Ketchum#1808 Used 0 time(s) Gaming. Sign in with Discord Sign in. Ask Question Asked 3 days ago. Top downloaded templates! Drug Cartel Normal server with great custom channel names and drug-related roles. Use Template Login Required × Before you can use the server template, please login to our website. Use Template. a guest . Discord Whiteboard Concept (1/2) Staff reply. Channels GATE welcome rules verify links you-are-muted bye-cya SUGGESTIONS server-suggestions video-suggestions feedback main main-chat images videos memes bot-commands sharing artwork-showcase self-promotion music-share LISTEN TO MUSIC music … Home Popular Browse Bot. 0:00. Login with Discord. Ready made template for a Valorant Community , #rules - #valorant - #welcome - and more.. Use New server Existing server Posted by 4 days ago. discuss-campaign. Bots: 17. Join our official Discord server Cancel Login Login Details. Discord rules template . Other stuff. Never . Then Join us. There are tons of channels available in the Discord for you to chat in, and weekly game nights available for those who'd like a chance to win goodies in the group while having fun in the server! Now that you understand text formatting you should create the rules for your server. 6.5k. raw download clone embed print report __**RULES**__ This server isn't too strict on rules but it'd be great if you could keep these in mind. We aim to provide a huge variety of templates to help build your Discord community into the place of your dreams, without all the hassle. Minecraft. * … RP Rules (Discord OOC) Always respect your peers and their opinions, never start drama over religion, race, gender, culture etc. Upload your own Discord Template and collect votes! Any content that cannot be placed in an age-gated channel, such as avatars, server banners, and invite splashes, may not contain adult content. WATCH_DOGS® 2. Discord Server Templates Check out the templates from our diverse collection and find the one you'll love! Our Discord server is available to any of our members, whether you own a strudel or not! Media & Entertainment. Ultimately, mutual agreement can’t always be reached: agree to disagree and don’t escalate a discussion into an … Music. Community 71 uses Community Creator: 9590;#9590 Community Server Template, basic one. View Entire Discussion (2 Comments) More posts from the discordapp community. Clear warnings. hace 2 días . Modmail – A must-have for every large Discord Server; The complete guide to Discord’s Permission System; PartyBeast – The best Discord Bot for temporary voice channels; The best Discord Music Bots in 2020; Basic Discord server rules template > 1,184 . Roles. Report Save. Racism, sexism, etc. 3.) There are kids here. Channels Server -rules-info -announcements -giveaways ⌨-suggestions Chatroom -chatroom -bot-commands vip -vip … Login with Discord. Hello there! Voice Channels. Read the channel descriptions and potential pinned messages before posting anywhere. Description; Template Details; Basically an all round … Description; Template Details; This can be used for anything, community, fandoms, etc. Requires a template code. Kick. The mods will grant you the @Spoiler Zone status as … Listing Owner Cheems Jr.#6669. View Comments. Main D&D. Creator Hopi#7807 Used 30 time(s) Media & Entertainment. Before you can use the server template, please login to our website. Discover Discord Style's most popular templates. If you are having trouble figuring out how to set up permissions in Discord, this video should help you. Remain respectful of other members. Top voted templates. Everytime when I use this command I got this error: AttributeError: 'Guild' object has … 14. Supporter ‼-ticket-‼ Warte-Liste ① ②. EINGANG ║ Eingang ║ ☢☢ Sprach-Kanäle ☢☢ Among us. 0:00. This seems like a rules template for a Minecraft server full of 10 year olds. discord.py server template. rules. Share. Respect all members within the server! Use Template. We even don't warn for invalid invites, unlike many other servers. You're also able to earn … verbesserungsvorschläge. Tags Featured templates Verified templates by our partners & creators Buefy Coding, Learning Official Discord template of Buefy's Discord server. An awesome template for friends or for a public server! So I am trying to make a command that will create template, code: @client.command() async def template(ctx, name): await ctx.guild.create_template(name = name, description = None) await ctx.send('Done.') Used. No spoilers in any of the channels except for #spoiler-zone. Listing Owner Ash Ketchum#1808. 2.) Invite Rules Channels Roles Invite Rules Channels Roles Server-wide rules. Not a member of Pastebin yet? FiveM (IN-GAME) RULES Make sure to follow every single one of these rules whilst in game! 21194; 44; … Do not argue with the admins of this server. We hope to welcome you all on the server! Viewed 31 times 0. Gaming; Community; Friends; ducky. No NSFW / sexually explicit content or language . Are you in need of a new, good looking server template? An awesome template for friends or for a public server! Online library for finding and sharing free Discord Templates. 3. Discord rules template from flat. Social 22. Suggested tags: Community Gaming Friends Roleplay Streamer. 5. Our Additional Discord Rules are: 1. 1.) So be double nice) 2. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Added to this site 9 months ago Discord Server; Login. GTA 5. Get link ; Mute this server ; Report this server ; help ; international ; creation ; template ; templates ; The Cocam'server Template is a server to help the Discord community to create servers … Here are some rules for content on Discord: You must apply the NSFW label to channels if there is adult content in that channel. Fullscreen. general. partner-discord-server. Discord Server Rules. This includes: RDM, VDM, FRP, Metagaming, etc. Template. Thanks! a guest . Share this info in DMs if you have … Warning. Skyrim. You will be back to the membership screening wizard again, click on the blue tab of Enable to start the screening. How Users Screening Work. Cocam'server Template . Read only. Mute. Community … If you are one of two users dominating the … Do not spam several channels with the same post. You aren't allowed to use Discord at that age. Join our official Discord server Cancel Login Login Details. For example, if you a promoting an event, post it in one relevant channel. Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text 1.43 KB . BASIC RULES OF BEING A MODERATOR. Search a template or select a category to get started! First of all, if you ever need the list of things to follow if someone is misbehaving, it is: Warning. Leave options empty for more info. Once done you can now see the ️green tick that says New members will be screened. Creative Arts. Ask for an admin if you require assistance or to report a problem. To become a part of our amazing community, please join our Discord server and use the template. Never . You may choose to do it a different way, but here is how I set out the rules and welcome message. NOTE: Granting a role to any user will bypass this step. 926 people are using this template. This is a template for a server to play D&D with your friends. 1️⃣ **NO PERSONAL INFO** - This includes email, phone number, address, full name, etc.