Caught Up in the Cloud: Rescuing the Ascension story from familiarity. 56-70). The Lord ascended in glory, defying all the law of gravity. Usually the Apostles are looking up at their disappearing Lord. The ascension is about the scope of the living Christ. In some parts of the world, the solemnity is celebrated on the Sunday after the traditional date. Contact Us. , which consists also of Jesus' Passion, Crucifixion, Death, Burial, Descent Among the Dead, and Resurrection. Blog Press Information. Moses entered the cloud at risk. While on earth, he was a servant. Look up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations. Jesus went to the Mount of Olives, and, after lifting up his hands in benediction, he just "took off"—not like an airplane, but as if he were in an invisible elevator. Reformed Worship © 2020 by Worship Ministries of the Christian Reformed Church. God was present to the children of Israel during the exodus as a pillar of cloud by day and a fiery, cloudy pillar by night. When we catch the vision of the glory of God and the immensity of the gift of God's redemption, we can no longer go on with "life as usual," but we press on in joy. And regarding the end, Luke says, “They will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory” (Luke 21:27). Forty Days after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the, records Jesus' ascension into heaven. What ultimately happened at the Mount of Olives that day was that Jesus returned to the Father, to a numinous reality that is outside of what we think of as space and time. Close-up of the Rock of the Ascension inside the Ascension edicule The traditional site of the Ascension is Mount Olivet (the "Mount of Olives"), on which the village of Bethany sits. And perhaps the ascension is also something that easily slips by without getting much attention, as we look on either side of it to the cross and resurrection and to Christ’s return. Arlo D. Duba is professor of worship (emeritus) and former dean of the theological faculty, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa. Ascension glory. Up In The Clouds | Nameless Issle Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide, walkthrough. Christianity is based on the history of Jesus Christ in the world of space and time. It wasn't until long after seminary that 1 noticed the word "cloud" in Luke's narrative. Skills as seen in the in-game menu. Outsourced Financial Control & Bookkeeping Solutions. What happened at Easter without the return to the Godhead or the gift of the Spirit would leave us bereft. When Isaiah had his vision in the temple, suddenly the room was full of "fiery cloud" or smoke (Isa. However, Augustine says the festival is apostolic. Focus on Christ bringing us home with him and, in the meantime, giving us the Spirit. his return to judge the living and the dead. As such, the miraculous event was recorded as a spatial ascension, because we humans live within space-time, and conceive of reality spatially and temporally. The One who came down also went up. In our baptism we share in Christ's resurrection. In other words, God's work of redemption is unified. his return to judge the living and the dead. There are currently 12 trainable skills (as well as three unimplemented skills) in Advent of Ascension. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at Title: Up in the Clouds Balloon Voyages Author: R.M. "See, the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph" PsH 414, RL 334, TH 291 "... in the cloud the Lord ascends." The Ascension represents the glorification and exaltation of Jesus following his death and Resurrection, as well as his return to God the Father. We must always be alert to where the glory of God seeks to shine in our lives; we must be prepared to be surprised by joy. But there is hope, too, and great joy in knowing that by grace Christ takes us with him into the presence of God. Evidence from John Chrysostom, Egeria, Gregory of, , and Church historian Socrates, suggest that Ascension Day probably originated in the 4th century AD. The Ascension is also the event whereby humanity was taken into heaven. The last time that happened was in 1953 and the next time will be in 2015. The Ascension is the final component of the paschal mystery, which consists also of Jesus' Passion, Crucifixion, Death, Burial, Descent Among the Dead, and Resurrection. The unity of the drama of redemption. The resurrection without the ascension would have accomplished nothing. Although John does not mention the cloud, it is almost as if he were saying, "1 want to be back in the cloud." This ascension is historically and theologically distinct from Jesus' final ascension in Acts. In our baptism we also share in Christ's ascension and are given the promised gift of the Holy Spirit. 15 were here. This is associated not with anyone’s coming from heaven to earth, but rather the opposite—the exultation of the Son of Man as he comes from the earth to the one seated on the heavenly throne. In Luke’s narrative, the disciples’ gazing at the sky confirms the ascension; but the ascension itself is already a literary device that alludes to Daniel 7.13-14— there, Daniel was standing in the celestial throne room and saw the Son of Man being brought up in the clouds; here, the disciples are standing on earth seeing the Son of Man going up in the clouds. This question is not about Ascension Day per se, but related to the truth of the historical Ascension. "Jerusalem the Golden" PsH 618, RL 579, TH 539, TWC 754 "... what radiancy of glory, what bliss beyond compare..." "Jesus Comes, with Clouds Descending" TWC 283 An emphasis on Acts 1:11 and Revelation 1:7 and Jesus' return in the cloud of glory, in the same way that he ascended. In other words, it was that, being out of sight, and because He was out of sight, He might be to us that spiritual presence which alone profits, satisfies, comforts, or saves. 2. Yes, Christ is coming again. Direction In his 1958 painting, Salvador Dali gave the ascension a different look. The chemical attacks in Syria were responded to by a barrage of tomahawk missiles. 2. The ascension is an important Christian feast attesting and celebrating the reality of the God-Man Jesus Christ's returning to the Father, to return again in the future, . Isn't the Ascension of Jesus based on Outdated Science? Still in presence move before us, fire by night and cloud by day." The Scripture readings and Psalms listed below are my own selections, but I have included lectionary readings from the Revised Common Lectionary for ascension. 10:1-2). Anticipations in the OT and later Judaism. Likewise, the Scriptures tell us that "He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who pierced Him. In some parts of the world, the solemnity is celebrated on the Sunday after the traditional date. Until rather recently, the Paschal Candle (lighted at the Easter Vigil) was extinguished on Ascension Day. This week the children will be learning about the Ascension of Jesus. Jesus' death without a resurrection would have accomplished nothing. (Rev. The point of the ascension is not that heaven is up in the sky in a literal sense. "Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah" PsH 543, PH 281, RL 50, TH 598, TWC 634 "Let the cloud and fiery pillar lead me all my journey through." Luke seems particularly interested in helping readers focus on the ascension throughout the accounts of Jesus' death and resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit. Again the cloud and the presence of God are together. Acts 1:11); this humanity in the meantime hides him from the eyes of men (cf. Again the cloud and the presence of God are together. At the end of time, Paul says, we will be caught up in the cloud and will be forever in the presence of God (1 Thess. "The Head That Once Was Crowned with Thorns" PsH 411, PH 149, RL 335, TH 298, TWC 268 "... is crowned with glory now." Even if he did, this does not discount the truth of the ascension. "Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise" PsH 460, PH 263, RL 7, TH 38, TWC 62 A hymn stressing the glory and splendor of the light of God. You can use "Up, Up and Away" in Sunday school, children's church or at home. 186,000 miles per second he would still be within our galaxy. 1:4), the time was more than right, and so two thousand years into it, this reality now must be declared until the end of the world. God was up above the clouds and in their thinking if Jesus had come from God, who is up there, then he will have gone back to him, up there. Who on earth knows what the spectators might see? This is what we are charged to declare—the universal lordship over (and consequent salvation of) the entire world. Scripture says that Moses' face glowed and that people could see that glow after he had been in the cloud, in the presence Of God. HITC Contest Entry: Ascension Upon their arrival at this new, mystic land, Steve and his group of explorers thought the land to be barren. The cloud stands in for the whole, a synecdoche of violence on a grand scale. Thus after ascending he becomes physically absent from the Church until the final parousia, i.e. In John 20:17, Jesus says he must ascend to the Father. We all have clouds, but the good news of the gospel is that "the clouds we so much dread, are big with mercy and will break with blessings on our head.". Acts 1:11); this humanity in the meantime hides him from the eyes of men (cf. Scholars have wondered how this could be when Luke is so specific about the forty days (Acts 1:3) and the fifty days (Acts 2:1, which literally says "when the days were filled up to the fiftieth"). Thus Ascension Day falls 40 days after Easter, on the 6th Thursday of Easter. Why hadn't someone pointed that out to me? But consider for a moment that if Jesus had ascended at the speed of light ie. Jesus' ascension on the clouds was foretold by Daniel (Dan. The great reversal. Now in heaven, he is the ruler and Lord of all. The Ascension is also the event whereby humanity was taken into heaven. Many Biblical authors likely perceived the universe as three-tiered, in which heaven is spatially "up" above the sky dome. When Christ enters the cloud, he brings us with him. 11 They said, "Men of Galilee, why are you standing there looking at the sky? Where exactly did Jesus go on the 40th day after Easter? As the disciples stood there, gazing after the Lord, two angels appeared and told them, “This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven” (verse 11). Comments about the content or usability of this site? So Jesus’s ascension back to the Father took place at the end of the 40 days where He appeared to the disciples as noted in Acts 1:1-3 NIV ... Jesus ascends up into the clouds right before their very own eyes. Oriental Flute Meditation. In Luke 24:45-51 and in Acts 1:1-9 we again have the unity of the teaching, the death, the resurrection, and the departure. 2. Fifth, the Ascension was received by clouds. However, the witnesses had to render the event in terms they (and we) could understand, using the tools, knowledge, and science of the day (as we would do as well; we can hardly be expected to explain events in terms and frameworks beyond those of our day!).