In a more just world, we'd be eagerly awaiting the sequel to this underseen gem. You may well find yourself glued to the screen too. December 18, 2020. After going through a long period of hardship and unfavorable conditions, the keepers lost their sanity and reasoning. Being one of the Top 5 Horror Movies in the country and one of the Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime India, and a controversial tale, 6-5=2 is a movie adapted from the very popular The Blair Witch Project. It’s the cult classic flick where the villain is mortality itself. Art, dance, horror, and the human spirit come out to play in Guadagnino’s coven, conjuring the uncanny and a feeling of true witchcraft that’s as stirring and profound as it is occasionally terrifying. While horror has long been regarded as a lesser genre by those inclined to snobbery, audiences at large seem to be finally waking up to horror's merits, as more and more horror (or horror adjacent) movies and TV shows earn rave reviews and/or huge profits at the box office. 291 – The Highs and Lows of ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2, 'Shadow in the Cloud' Trailer Teases Chloe Grace Moretz's Fight Against Gremlins & Misogyny, Bad Robot's Next Big TV Show Is About a Dragon Who Works on a 1950s Farm, 'Cobra Kai' Creators Tease More on the History of Miyagi’s Karate in Season 3, Chris Evans Joins Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and the Rest of Hollywood in Adam McKay's 'Don't Look Up', 'The Prom' Star Ariana DeBose on the Importance of Hiring Queer Actors to Play Queer Characters, Rachel Brosnahan Reveals Which Unforgettable 'I'm Your Woman' Scene Was Entirely Unplanned, 'The Mandalorian' Showcases How the Battle for 'Star Wars's Soul Can Be Lost — or Won, 'Back 4 Blood' Alpha Starts Tomorrow; Here's How to Get in on It, ‘Tenet’ Is Gorgeous and Epic, But Also Frustratingly Joyless | 4K Review. Here, the unsteady binds that tie Poland to Europe in the wake of the Holocaust, are reflected in the wedding between a Polish woman and her Londoner groom, which is uprooted when a member of the wedding party begins to lash out in unusual ways, speaking about age-old happenings. Get £10 off the fantastic 1000W Cooks Professional Stand Mixer, Whip up some of your best bakes yet with this powerful and easy-to-use stand mixer, Find out more and see our cover come to life. Behind the Mask easily reveals its love for the horror genre, but there’s a sharp undercurrent of criticism that make this micro-budget horror incisive despite its minimal scope. -- Haleigh Foutch, Cast: Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Chloë Grace Moretz, Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino brings all his sensuality and artistry to 2018's Suspiria. Amazon Prime subscribers will be pleased to know that the streaming platform is home to a ghoulish hotbed of horror movies that’ll make your skin crawl. The Best Horror Movies Streaming On Amazon Prime Right Now Eric Eisenberg; Published: Aug. 5. Get your gears turning with hundreds of puzzles, with new ones added each week - and enjoy a seven day free trial! -- Haleigh Foutch, Writers: George A. Romero and John A. Russo. Considered one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime, this twisted thriller is about a mother and daughter who break down on a proverbial deserted road. Jane Levy (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist) gives a haunting performance in the lead role as Mia Allen, a drug addict attempting to go cold turkey in a remote cabin, with four friends to look out for her. Smith makes the most of his twisty concept with an intricately designed narrative of overlapping timelines, and a number of striking and creative that showcase the horror of being stuck in a hellish time loop. Get your popcorn ready, bust out the slanket, and settle in for some spookytimes. Five young friends decide to spend a weekend in a remote cabin, only to find themselves terrorised by forces beyond their understanding. Looking for something classic? Whether you're looking for zombies, witches, horror-comedy, and pretty much anything else across the board, there's a lot to chose from. Climax follows a modern dance troupe in 1996, who hole up at a community center to rehearse and party through a winter night that transforms from a light-hearted dance-off to a hypnotic fight for survival after someone spikes the sangria with LSD. Has it been a while since you’ve had a good scare? While this series would eventually get a bad after several subpar sequels, this original film was generally viewed as an inventive spin on the found-footage flick. In the 1980s on an island in New England, the movie tells the story of two lighthouse keepers. They’re no longer human, after all. First with Hereditary (see below) and now with Midsommar, his sun-drenched folk horror ode to classics like The Wickerman that sends the audience to gorgeous a summer solstice hellscape of grief, anxiety and codependence. Sure, this is probably the only musical where you’ll see a zombie in a snowman suit get decapitated by a see-saw or watch a gang of singing teenagers dispatch the undead with watermelons and a PlayStation controller, but it’s also just a damn good musical to boot with earworm songs, great ensemble numbers, and — arguably the toughest to pull off of all — great (and hilarious) new Christmas songs you’ll immediately add to your yearly playlist. Best Movies on Netflix Right Now, Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now, and Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix Right Now. This Is One 'Star Wars' Detail You Should Know, ‘Mosul’ Director Matthew Michael Carnahan and Cast on Crafting One of the Year’s Best Films, Exclusive: Ben Stiller in Talks to Direct Crooked Cop Movie 'The Seven Five' for MGM, 'A Glitch in the Matrix' Documentary Trailer Will Put the Fear of Agent Smith in You, When Is 'The Mandalorian' Set? Look no further for a round-up of Amazon Prime's best films ripe for bingeing. Gorgeously shot, scored, staged, etc., etc., Midsommar isn't just a deviously elegant spin on a classic horror subgenre, it also packs a wicked sense of humor and pitch-black comedy. The Blair Witch Project (1999) The Blair Witch Project. This black and white mystery thriller is the perfect treat for your Halloween nights. The Midnight Meat … The Shining is an excellent story in its own right that is widely regarded as one of the best horror movies … Jack Nicholson stars as writer Jack Torrance, who fills the role of caretaker at the remote Overlook Hotel during its quiet winter season. (No small thanks to the actors, who sell the terror with every guttural scream and ashen grimace.) Every New Warner Bros. Movie Releasing on HBO Max in 2021 . Chris Pine to Star in New Dungeons & Dragons Movie, and More News. Led by an unpredictable, exciting performance from The Crown breakout Claire Foy, Unsane follows a recently relocated survivor who starts to see her stalker everywhere she looks, and accidentally winds up committed to a mental institution against her will. Sarah Walker (Alexandra Essoe) works days as a fast-food waitress while moonlighting as an aspiring actor who hears "we'll be in touch" too often from casting directors with nothing to show for it. Florence Pugh gives a knockout performance as a young woman dealing with an insurmountable tragedy when she journeys abroad with her checked-out boyfriend (Jack Reynor) and his friends, and winds up smack in the middle of a terrifying pagan ritual. Horror Movies. December 18, 2020. No problem, Amazon's video service regularly updates with new favorites like Hereditary, Suspiria, and A Quiet Place. Visceral and disturbing, it’s a worthy successor to Raimi’s original vision. The Shining Horror films were once looked down upon by critics as mere genre pieces: thrills for the masses but lacking in any serious artistic merit. This unique thriller sees a handful of strangers wake up trapped in a 14ft by 14ft cube, unaware of how or why they have been imprisoned there. Following the death of her mother, Annie Graham (Toni Collette) and her family wander into an inescapable nightmare of grief and agony, where every choice and circumstance brings them closer to their inevitable doom. Ginger Snaps puts a clever spin on a lot of themes -- sexuality, sisterhood, loneliness, outsider pride and the desire to belong -- and in doing so, it puts a fresh spin on one of horror's most long-standing genres. Already have an account with us? Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. Cut off from society, the tension gradually builds as the festivities become increasingly disturbing in this slow-paced but rewarding offering. Scare yourself silly this Halloween with these unforgettable horror picks. Some of the best movies … Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne are excellent as concerned parents Josh and Renai, while Lin Shaye steals scenes as their psychic consultant, Elise. Midsommar. – Haleigh Foutch, Cast: Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Millie Shapiro, Ann Dowd, Gabriel Byrne, Ari Aster makes a walloping directorial debut with Hereditary, an exquisitely crafted trip down a rabbit hole of terror and torment, wherein one family on the brink of self-destruction is torn apart by a supernatural menace. The film gets a little heavy-handed with the “selfishness is bad” motif at points, but it’s never enough to drag down the breathless action or commanding characters, and the film is a well-needed shot in the ass to the genre that has largely floundered in the wake of The Walking Dead's mammoth popularity and weekly zombie action.— Haleigh Foutch, Writers: Scott Glosserman, David J. Stieve, Cast: Nathan Baesel, Angela Goethals, Robert Englund, Scott Wilson, Zelda Rubenstein, Still a criminally underseen comedy/meta-horror, Behind the Mask is a pseudo-mockumentary that posits a world in which iconic horror villains (I’m talking Freddy, Jason, et. This list of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime is updated regularly withe the best scary movies on Prime for your perusal. You've come to the right place. Halloween is fast approaching and with it comes the obligatory scary movie night, with a vast number of options at your fingertips via the magic of streaming services. They board the train just as the world is falling to the zombie apocalypse, and Yeon always makes it feel like there’s never a second to spare. IMDb Rating: … Fortunately, has combed through Amazon Prime Video’s library to find ten of the best spooky flicks on the platform, to ensure your Halloween gets off to a fittingly terrifying start. Of course, the horror genre is infamously inconsistent and for every exceptional offering there seems to be a dozen uninspired Hollywood projects or questionable indie flicks. The best horror movies are usually based on real-life stories or other literary works, such as novels. When high school student Alex Browning has a premonition that the plane he and his friends are boarding is doomed to crash, they make a last-minute change of plans and avoid a terrible fate. Cast: Yoo Gong, Soo-an Kim, Yu-mi Jung, Don Lee, Writer-director Sang-Ho Yeon's Train to Busan takes a concept as reductive as “zombies on a train” and turns it into a propulsive, action-packed, and surprisingly touching spin on the burnt-out zombie genre. What a treat. Looking for a good scare? It is a low-level melancholic ice-chilling story of two siblings Aiden (Jaeden Martell) and Mia (la McHugh). These zombies aren’t just fast; they’re rabid and remarkably infectious (and surprisingly, they pull off that zombie wave thing that was so ridiculous in World War Z). Over the course of the film, each is tasked with evading lethal traps in a desperate bid for freedom, vividly brought to life by director Vincenzo Natali. Related: The Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now, Ranked. Nobody likes to get lost in the infinite streaming scroll so we're making it easy to separate the best from the rest with our regularly updated list of the best horror movies streaming on Amazon Prime right now. Climax is indulgent, as are most of Noe’s best works, but it’s captivating and propulsive, daring you to look away from the growing chaos as the rules of polite society devolve. Facebook; cinemablend; Copy to clipboard; Available on Amazon Prime … However, being surrounded by the ocean and witnessing its gloom each day is making the men go crazy. But after reading from an old book discovered in the cellar, malevolent forces awake in the woods around them, unleashing unspeakable horrors on the group. The feature film debut from Jim Hosking has incited a lot of pearl-clutching and gasps of horror since it debuted at Sundance earlier this year, and it’s easy enough to see why — it’s absurd, unapologetic, and indecent by just about every conventional standard, but the beauty of The Greasy Strangler is the fact that it doesn’t care about conventional standards at all. You're now subscribed to our newsletter. For this reason, the thrill of the movie zombie has generally been in seeing how our heroes with brains dispatch them with great efficiency and cruelty. It's not a traditional horror movie, but the psychological terror is very real. Find the 80 top horror movies on Amazon Prime right now. It's explicit and nebulous, and seemingly dedicated to make the audience as uncomfortable as possible as often as possible. It’s an eerie slow burn that builds an overwhelming sense of dread before unleashing an especially savage display of violence and gore. Amazon Prime offers some great horror movie choices to fill a fright flick marathon, and these are the best of the best. Residing on a mysterious island, the men must control the lighthouse. That includes the most breath-taking performance of Collette’s career (which is really saying something), not to mention a score and sound design that would give you nightmares even if you weren’t watching the screen. All the same, it's a stunning visual accomplishment and it never abandons character in favor of the shock, it embeds them in each other. Built on the site of a Native American burial ground (never a good idea), unexplainable incidents quickly start piling up while Torrance’s sanity starts to deteriorate – much to the horror of his wife and son, portrayed by Shelley Duvall and Danny Lloyd. 2. Looking for a good scare, but not sure where to start? But Hereditary will keep your eyes glued to the madness, watching a family walk into a trap they help build themselves. Unsane is an up-close panic attack assault that uses the intimacy of an iPhone to tap into centuries of female oppression and transform it into the kind of psychological thriller that gets way too deep under your skin. Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime: Top 10 10. Sofia Boutella taps into her pro-dance past to deliver a harrowing, peak-physical performance, and despite the color-saturated kaleidoscope of bleak reveals, Climax is easily one of Noe’s most accessible films and one of the best horror movies of the year so far. So many years later, The Blair Witch Project may not seem as revolutionary as it once did, but it remains an iconic chapter in horror movie history. Consequently, the keepers fight each other in the most unusual ways. The Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now. STREAM IT ON Amazon . -- Haleigh Foutch, Cast: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Vilhelm Blomgren, Will Poulter, There are few up-and-coming filmmakers out there who have delivered the technical mastery and emotional savagery that Ari Aster one-two punched with his first two films. Still looking for something spooky, but didn't find what you want? Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime. Film. With an absolutely bonkers, brutal and bizarrely hilarious mythological tale of two men driven to madness on a tiny little island with only each other and their farts to keep them company. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide, or take a look at our new TV shows 2020 page to find out what’s airing this autumn and beyond. Along the way, shit gets truly crazy. The movie aimed to adversely scare people where a couple of friends decided to make fake footage of a trekking incident and the encounter of a presumed supernatural presence in the … The zombies in George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead are called “ghouls” but nonetheless this is the film that created the movie zombie as we know them: blank, thoughtless creatures who lumber around with vacant stares and barely retain any resembling sense of their humanity. -- Haleigh Foutch, Cast: Elizabeth De Razzo, Sky Elobar, Michael St. Michaels, Decidedly not for everyone, The Greasy Strangler is a blast, and I’m no bullshit artist. Drama 1. … There’s one egregiously foolish character and the ending is a bit abrupt and cruel, but overall, The Reef is a tense, technically accomplished survival thriller with one seriously scary shark. 4) Green Room. Ginger Snaps was one of the early adopters of the 21st-century trend to address female puberty by way of monstrous transformation (see also: Teeth, Wildling, Revenge, among many others), and it does so with great effect, but it's also a downright well-made horror film. That may sound like a cliché premise, but rest assured there is far more to The Cabin in the Woods than meets the eye. A coming-of-age tale via lycanthropy, Ginger Snaps tells an intimate story about two death-obsessed, co-dependent sisters who are slowly torn apart when the older girl starts to change after a werewolf attack. So how could he top it with his second? We don’t know what it is but we just can’t get enough horror movies in our lives. Writer/director Andrew Traucki takes just enough time to lay some dramatic groundwork before he unleashes sickening tension with the crash and never lets up, staging a slow burn until the shark’s reveal, which is liable to take your breath away. The film sees three documentary filmmakers venture into the woods one fateful night in search of a mythical monster, but suffice to say, they get a whole lot more than they bargained for. As the writer of greats like Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, Schrader knows his way around an impeccable screenplay and here, he combines that skill with his best directing work yet. It's a hell of a film and Hawke was absolutely robbed at awards season (not even a nomination smdh, though Schrader did get an original screenplay nod), but be warned, it's a gloomy affair, queasy with ever-increasing tension and the gnawing dread that the same existential madness might have come for you. A Quiet Place: ” Shhhhhh! A more modern take on the Blair Witch formula, Paranormal Activity swaps the distant forest setting to a family home, as a young couple chronicle the supernatural incidents occurring throughout their house.