They have commissioned more than 30 public sculptures since 1993. [59] Superseded by the River Lagan as the more important river in the city, the Farset now languishes in obscurity, under High Street. The Edwardian architectural style of Belfast City Hall influenced the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta, India, and Durban City Hall in South Africa. Belfast remained a small settlement of little importance during the Middle Ages. The Belfast – Liverpool route is the busiest domestic flight route in the UK excluding London with 555,224 passengers in 2009. [204] The event was hosted by Selena Gomez and celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Jessie J, Hayden Panettiere, and Lady Gaga travelled to Northern Ireland to attend the event, held in the Odyssey Arena. Throughout the Troubles, Belfast artists continued to express themselves through poetry, art and music. [110], Belfast has over forty public parks. Named after RMS Titanic, which was built here in 1912,[55] work has begun which promises to transform some former shipyard land into "one of the largest waterfront developments in Europe". enthusiastically studied investment opportunities. Precisamos de o saber, porque estão em risco milhares de empregos em Darlington, (April 1998), the Anglo-Irish Treaty provided for the two Governments. [12], In Ulster-Scots, the name of the city can appear variously written as Bilfawst,[18][19] Bilfaust[20] or Baelfawst,[21] although "Belfast" is also used. Numerous events take place throughout including festivals such as Rose Week and special activities such as bird watching evenings and great beast hunts. Two community radio stations, Blast 106 and Irish-language station Raidió Fáilte, broadcast to the city from west Belfast, as does Queen's Radio, a student-run radio station which broadcasts from Queen's University Students' Union. For elections to the European Parliament, Belfast was within the Northern Ireland constituency. Liverpool University Press. As "Dissenters" from the established Church of Ireland communion, the Presbyterians were conscious of sharing, if only in part, the disabilities of Ireland's largely dispossessed Roman Catholic majority. A tradução está incorreta ou é de má qualidade. [31][32] In the face of the Ascendancy's intransigence, these were demands taken up by the Society of United Irishmen formed at a meeting in the town addressed by Theobald Wolfe Tone. [102], A legacy of the Troubles are the many 'peace lines' or 'peace walls' that still act as barriers to reinforce ethno-sectarian residential segregation in the city. [92] The Golden Mile is the name given to the mile between Belfast City Hall and Queen's University. Bus and rail public transport in Northern Ireland is operated by subsidiaries of Translink. [235], There is a tourist information centre located at Donegall Square North.[236]. In February 2006, Belfast's unemployment rate stood at 4.2%, lower than both the Northern Ireland[154] and the UK average of 5.5%. [130] Since then, the inner city numbers have dropped dramatically as people have moved to swell the Greater Belfast suburb population. Sitting on the wooden bench. [63] The highest temperature recorded at any official weather station in the Belfast area was 30.8 °C (87.4 °F) at Shaw's Bridge on 12 July 1983. [178] A 2005 survey of how people travel in Northern Ireland showed that people in Belfast made 77% of all journeys by car, 11% by public transport and 6% on foot. Northern Ireland Railways provides suburban services along three lines running through Belfast's northern suburbs to Carrickfergus, Larne and Larne Harbour, eastwards towards Bangor and south-westwards towards Lisburn and Portadown. [159], Peace has boosted the numbers of tourists coming to Belfast. [44] In all, over 1,600 people were killed in political violence in the city between 1969 and 2001. Musicians and bands who have written songs about or dedicated to Belfast include [137][138] When violence flares, it tends to be in interface areas. [12] The sandbar formed at the confluence (at present-day Donegall Quay) of two rivers: the Lagan, which flows into Belfast Lough, and the Lagan's tributary the Farset. [128], This made it the fifteenth-largest city in the United Kingdom, but the eleventh-largest conurbation. The City Hall was finished in 1906 and was built to reflect Belfast's city status, granted by Queen Victoria in 1888. The city is the headquarters of BBC Northern Ireland, ITV station UTV and commercial radio stations Q Radio and U105. Most of Belfast's water is supplied via the Aquarius pipeline from the Silent Valley Reservoir in County Down, created to collect water from the Mourne Mountains. In 1864 and 1886 the issue had helped trigger deadly sectarian riots. [12][13] The name therefore translates literally as "(river) mouth of the sandbar" or "(river) mouth of the ford". It had been the scene of various episodes of sectarian conflict between its Catholic and Protestant populations. It was made internationally famous as the setting for the classic film, Odd Man Out, starring James Mason. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 5. Linguee. It features a criss-cross of escalators and suspended walkways and nine high-tech galleries. The Royal Courts of Justice in Chichester Street are home to Northern Ireland's Supreme Court. [13] The area of Belfast Local Government District is 42.31 square miles (109.6 km2). [93] Since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, the nearby Lisburn Road has developed into the city's most exclusive shopping strip. There were 6.4 million visitors in 2005, which was a growth of 8.5% from 2004. Belfast sai liitoksen seurauksena noin 53 000 asukasta. The Belfast Giants are a huge brand in Northern Ireland and their increasing stature in the game led to the Belfast Giants playing the Boston Bruins of the NHL on 2 October 2010 at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, losing the game 5–1. In one raid, in 1941, German bombers killed around one thousand people and left tens of thousands homeless. Belfast is situated on Northern Ireland's eastern coast at 54°35′49″N 05°55′45″W / 54.59694°N 5.92917°W / 54.59694; -5.92917. [128], The 2001 census recorded 81,650 people from Catholic backgrounds and 79,650 people from Protestant backgrounds of working age living in Belfast. Belfast elected 7 Sinn Féin, 5 DUP, 2 SDLP, 3 Alliance Party, 1 UUP, 1 Green and 1 PBPA MLAs. A A. Belfast. [citation needed], Ethnic minority communities have been in Belfast since the 1930s. Since the expansion of the European Union, numbers have been boosted by an influx of Eastern European immigrants. referenda in both parts of the island of Ireland. Walking tour in Spanish around Belfast quarters ideal for small groups. [106] The Lyric Theatre, (re-opened 1 May 2011 after undergoing a rebuilding programme) the only full-time producing theatre in the country, is where film star Liam Neeson began his career. [56], In 1994, a weir was built across the river by the Laganside Corporation to raise the average water level so that it would cover the unseemly mud flats which gave Belfast its name[57] (from Irish Béal Feirste 'The sandy ford at the river mouth'). Os meus problemas começaram esta manhã bem cedo. Belfast is located on the River Lagan and has outdoor walks and areas like the Cave District and Botanic Gardens to enjoy when the rain is held at bay. a peace process, including the devolution of powers to a Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive Committee, which were set up at the end of 1999. Consultez la traduction anglais-allemand de Belfast dans le dictionnaire PONS qui inclut un entraîneur de vocabulaire, les tableaux de conjugaison et les prononciations. O'Reilly, D. 2010. " In a demonstration of their resolve not to submit to a Dublin parliament, in 1912 Belfast City Hall unionists presented the Ulster Covenant, which, with an associated Declaration for women, was to accumulate over 470,000 signatures. It played an important role in the Industrial Revolution in Ireland, becoming briefly the biggest linen-producer in the world, earning it the nickname "Linenopolis". [86] In June 2007, a £16 million programme was announced which will transform and redevelop streets and public spaces in the city centre. [27] Conn O'Neill of the Clannaboy O'Neills owned vast lands in the area and was the last inhabitant of Grey Castle, one remaining link being the Conn's Water river flowing through east Belfast.[28]. This comprised 3 DUP and 1 Sinn Féin. Originally a more significant river than it is today, the Farset formed a dock on High Street until the mid 19th century. Poème en anglais Josef Brodsky Belfast Tune yara sarrapova. During the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, local sunset is before 16:00 while sunrise is around 08:45. [100][101] The dome is 173 ft (53 m) high and figures above the door state "Hibernia encouraging and promoting the Commerce and Arts of the City".[102]. The company began its association with Belfast in 1936, with Short & Harland Ltd, a venture jointly owned by Shorts and Harland and Wolff. Belfast n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. I certainly will be looking for a meaningful programme of assistance. foi celebrado o Tratado Anglo-Irlandês, nos termos do qual os dois Governos previam "cooperar para promover o desenvolvimento económico e social das áreas de ambas as partes da Irlanda que tinham sofrido mais profundamente as consequências da instabilidade dos anos recentes" e "considerar a possibilidade de garantir o apoio internacional para essa acção". The Belfast City Hospital is the regional specialist centre for haematology and is home to a cancer centre that rivals the best in the world. [164], Der Spiegel, a German weekly magazine for politics and economy, titled Belfast as The New Celtic Tiger which is "open for business". Belfast: A Profile of the City. Musgrave Park Hospital in south Belfast specialises in orthopaedics, rheumatology, sports medicine and rehabilitation. This emboldened a spirit a radical disaffection. [145] The present city however is a product of the Industrial Revolution. There are currently five weather observing stations in the Belfast area: Helen's Bay, Stormont, Newforge, Castlereagh, and Ravenhill Road. Further enthused by the French Revolution, the Volunteers and townspeople rallied in support of Catholic emancipation and "a more equal representation of the people" in the Irish Parliament. [39][40] The Provisional IRA detonated 22 bombs within the confines of Belfast city centre on 21 July 1972, on what is known as Bloody Friday, killing nine people. [61] The shape of the giant's nose, known locally as Napoleon's Nose, is officially called McArt's Fort probably named after Art O'Neill, a 17th-century chieftain who controlled the area at that time. French Translation of “Belfast” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Belfast's status as a global industrial centre ended in the decades after the Second World War. As Northern Ireland's capital city, Belfast is host to the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont, the site of the devolved legislature for Northern Ireland. The city is flanked on the north and northwest by a series of hills, including Divis Mountain, Black Mountain and Cavehill, thought to be the inspiration for Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels. Like all areas of the island of Ireland outside of the Gaeltacht, the Irish language in Belfast is not that of an unbroken intergenerational transmission. [131] The population density in 2011 was 24.88 people/hectare (compared to 1.34 for the rest of Northern Ireland). preparatórios da conferência sobre luta contra a discriminação, Mr Le Foll then indicated that the Atlantic Arc. [22][23], The county borough of Belfast was created when it was granted city status by Queen Victoria in 1888,[24] and the city continues to straddle County Antrim and County Down.[25]. There is, however, a combined ferry and rail ticket between Belfast and cities in Great Britain, which is referred to as Sailrail. The port supplied an avenue for trade with Great Britain and later Europe and North America. Since the ending of the region's conflict tourism has boomed in Northern Ireland, greatly aided by low cost. – CityMetric", "CAIN: Violence: List of Significant Violent Incidents", "Linenopolis: The Linen Quarter of Belfast | Connolly Cove |", "BBC – History – Belfast's golden age of shipbuilding", "Historical Internal Migration in Ireland". In the period since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, Belfast has begun a social, economic and cultural transformation giving it a growing international cultural reputation. [200], Belfast is the home of the Belfast Telegraph, Irish News, and The News Letter, the oldest English-language daily newspaper in the world still in publication.[201][202]. By the turn of the 19th century, Belfast had transformed into the largest linen producing centre in the world,[147] earning the nickname "Linenopolis". The 2017–18 Irish League champions Crusaders are based at Seaview, in the north of the city. Belfast - WordReference English-Romanian Dictionary. Many areas are still highly segregated along ethnic, political and religious lines, especially in working-class neighbourhoods. [69] The absolute minimum temperature at Stormont is −9.9 °C (14 °F), during January 1982,[70] although in an average year the coldest night will fall no lower than −4.5 °C (23.9 °F) with air frost being recorded on just 26 nights. Belfast is home to the Stormont cricket ground since 1949 and was the venue for the Irish cricket team's first ever One Day International (ODI) against England in 2006. Today, Belfast is Northern Ireland's educational and commercial hub. Traduza qualquer texto graças ao melhor tradutor automático do mundo, desenvolvido pelos criadores do Linguee. Tradução de documentos com um simples "arrastar e soltar". [167] The rest of the city's water is sourced from Lough Neagh, via Dunore Water Treatment Works in County Antrim. Black taxis are common in the city, operating on a share basis in some areas. [230], Frommer's, the American travel guidebook series, listed Belfast as the only United Kingdom destination in its Top 12 Destinations to Visit in 2009. We need to know because thousands of jobs are at stake in Darlington. The industrial estate and docklands BT3. 2.1. Consequently, the arterial roads along which this expansion took place (such as the Falls Road or the Newtownards Road) are more significant in defining the districts of the city than nucleated settlements.

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