Perfume rating There is a fruity touch that can hardly be distinguished, in the notes peach is mentioned but it doesn’t smell like peach to me, it just adds a tiny fruity touch to the composition. I agree with phthalo that this perfume is sweeter and less green than Carnal Flower. I was waiting for my samples with so much anticipation after reading all complimentary reviews, but unfortunately, this fragrance is a total no-no for me. This is the real deal; a true white floral in all it's stanky glory. I used to dislike big white floral perfumes, especially those with tuberose and gardenia, before I got introduced to Melodie de l'amour: the luminous combo of jasmine, tuberose and some secret ingredient smells like bottled summer, or sheer luxury if you're into that sort of thing :) Parfums Dusita have been my go-to perfume choice since the beginning of the pandemic, and I've worn MdlA so often that I actually had to order a new bottle. Lovers of jasmine should definitely try this one though. And what quality aromatherapy it was. you are in a intermittent fasting keto diet. I don’t find it overwhelming and smells very natural. Pedro Miguel Morales – (Yuldor Gutierrez) Paroles de la chanson Emmanuelle par Pierre Bachelet. This is one of thos fragrances that is going to cause me to sell off everything else I own to buy it with no regrets. This is beautiful! Melodie De L`Amour by Parfums Dusita is a fragrance for women and men. Service 0.50 € / min + prix appel. Ah nothing like some good ole indole to brighten you'r day. This is a sexy loud tuberose. What I didn’t realise until I smelled pure cedar wood oil is that it’s very reminiscent of that awful moth balls old grannies use, and I truly deeply hate this scent. July Cuello – (Vivian Ossa) July est la fille de Carmelo, l’ennemi déclaré de Miguel Morales, qui empêchera la croissance de cet amour. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. La série sera diffusée du Lundi au Vendredi à 16h45 GMT dès le 13 Février ! Evelti Morales – (Yeimy Paola Vargas) La Mélodie est un film réalisé par Rachid Hami avec Kad Merad, Samir Guesmi. They are very natural smelling and the three notes are balanced to produce a beautiful creamy white floral scent, there is nothing indolic here.There is some sweetness which distinguishes Melodie de L’Amour from the other white floral fragrances, it comes from the honey and it may also come from broom which has honeyed nuances. Evelti est la sœur de Miguel. The performance is good, over all the longevity because the sillage is subtle, but i find It too light being an extrait the parfumw. It's got fantastic projection for a white floral and really it's just nice, very feminine and very beautiful. Miguel Morales – (Julio Meza) Inspired by the perfumes of tuberose and her passion for Fracas, Melodie de L'Amour chooses to focus on creating the intensity of the tuberose through a bouquet of white flowers instead of saturating it in a very carnal way. As most flowery scents i think It is totally unisex and suitable for any swason of the year. The opening of this one has a chemical/petrol tinge to my nose, but it quickly morphs into a lovely, creamy white floral. C’est un artiste qui se battra jusqu’à ce que ses rêves deviennent réalité. Pour elle, l’homme qu’elle aime fera face à son père. July tombe follement amoureuse de Kaleth pour sa noblesse et sa voix impressionnante, qui en l’entendant, la transporte dans un monde parfait loin de ceux qui s’opposent à son amour. Paroles de la chanson La mélodie du bonheur par Julie Zenatti Je chante la vie rien de plus mon ami Je chante comme je suis avec le cœur avec l'esprit Je chante pour toi pour un peu de répit It takes a while to bloom up. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia without the earthy undertone, with a lot of added milky cream. 100% actualités sur vos telenovelas préférées ! As soon as they were gone, we'd play in it. Imagine pouring honey on top of a bouquet of white flowers, this is what I get from Melodie de L’Amour. Il a grandi dans une humble maison qui lui a appris que la famille vient avant tout, donc, Miguel avant de se consacrer à la musique, a fait tout type de travail qui lui a permis de subvenir aux besoins de sa grand-mère, sa sœur Evelti et son père, Pedro Miguel. This lovely scent is all about tuberose- very natural smelling, potent and long-lasting- not for the faint of heart! Melodie de L'Amour was launched in 2016. Fragrance Reviews: 1054203 Presque toute sa vie, il s’est consacré à la pêche et a ainsi trouvé son gagne-pain pour faire avancer sa famille, composée de sa mère et de ses enfants, Miguel et Evelti. Ces compositeurs «… It's a very beautiful and sacred scent. It is beautiful but not a fragrance for me. This is absolutely narcotic, my favourite white floral scent. There is a tiny touch of soapiness which I think comes from lily of the valley and of course there is white musk. Il ne se reposera pas jusqu’à ce qu’il arrache l’amour et le succès de Miguel, afin de récupérer tout ce qu’il a perdu. However, after a few hours, they are now extremely similar when sniffed up close, and that big tuberose is still very prominent (although they are still distinguishable by the greenness of CF when smelling from a distance). Mais, sa plus belle chanson reste bien Amor del Bueno. This is a new fragrance. Perfumes: 65039 Ensemble, ils forment une belle famille de trois enfants : Kaleth, Kanner et Keyner, pour qui ils sont capables de faire face à n’importe quel obstacle, sauf la mort qui tache leur joie et laisse un grand vide lorsque la voix de leur fils aîné s’éteint. very nice, love this on a warm summer night! Maybe better for daytime wearing It with elegant or casual clothes (not very sporty). It's a beautiful, high quality jasmine, resting on a soft musky base. Qui parlaient de la vie Oh oh Je l'entends sur leurs guitares Ma mélodie d'amour Elle vous prend sans crier gare Ma mélodie d'amour C'est une chanson qui passe Mais qui revient toujours Et je la tiens De bohémiens Ma mélodie d'amour Depuis longtemps j'ai dit je t'aime À ces forains d'une bohème Dont personne ne veut ( Déconnexion /  Any gardenia lover should try it. Changer ). You can smell this scent when you enter the hall of principle Buddha statue of all temples in Thailand. It’s great fun to be able to check out some others from Dusita. Miguel combattra son plus grand ennemi, Carmelo Cuello, qui, plein d’envie et d’arrogance, tentera de lui enlever tout ce qu’il a construit. Vous pouvez l’utiliser pour afficher du texte, des liens, des images, des balises HTML ou une association de ces éléments. This is Thai temple scent. After a minute or two, the other white florals,Jasmine and Gardenia joined the tuberose. Amazingly lifelike and three dimensional. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | ( Déconnexion /  Melodie De L`Amour was launched in 2016. Cependant, sa passion et son talent sont plus forts et il le démontrera à toute une région qui a grandi avec ses mélodies. Longevity, on me at least, is poor – this had pretty much vanished after two hours. This is one for white flower lovers. Sélection des chansons du moment. I'm selling mine on, link in my bio. i believe i get some jasmine and maybe a hint of musk, but on me this is primarily just smoky gardenia with hints of woods and greenery. July est abattue. The nose behind this fragrance is Pissara Umavijani. Drunk scandalous, loud tuberose! you drink jasmine tea to curb your appetite. C’est Un Don Juan qui sait profiter de la vie à tout moment. July est la fille aînée de Carmelo, une jeune femme magnifique, rêveuse et intelligente. Changer ), Vous commentez à l’aide de votre compte Twitter. My mom would always sigh when we came home smelling of tar. Le père de Kaleth est un chanteur à succès et un homme fier de la maison qu’il a c kionstruit si dur avec sa femme Nevis. First I have to say the opening is DIVINE, but its breathtaking beauty is short-lived (2 hrs--although I only truly indulged in the first 1).. Gardenia, tuberose and jasmine soaked in peachy petrol. [in conversation with Ploi Uma of Dusita Parfums at Facebook who asked me to post my impression here....]. Ceci est un widget de texte. She is one of the best contemporary noses IMO. Le grand amour de la vie de Miguel est Nevis, une jeune femme qui était venu construire son avenir à Valledupar. Perfume lovers: 626149 Melodie opens with a large blue cheese indolic gardenia note much like Dame's soliflore gardenia. L’histoire prend une autre tournure lorsque Keleth meurt, suite à un grave accident de voiture. Cependant, elle ne tombera qu’aux pieds de cet homme noble qui, avec ses lettres romantiques, saura l’attraper, Miguel. Where Malle puts lot if coconut and Ford puts Woods dusita gives a Big load of musk and for me this perfume seens like a Jasmín soap. Lyrics : Mélodie d'amour chante le coeur d'Emmanuelle Qui bat coeur à corps perdu It's a scent that is firmly ingrained in my mind as overtly feminine, so I used my sample as aromatherapy. Here, it is done very well. High quality floral fragrance! Might perform better misted on clothes, but I do not have a spray so cannot test that. She has found just the right balance between the Tuberose, Gardenia, and jasmine, a gentle tug of war with neither taking the upper hand, given a soft, animalic buzz of honey This is plush, elegant, and yet playful. hahaha she is having a blast in the club, don't blind buy this unless you ADORE white flowers. Very well composed and blended. Kaleth Morales – (Jerónimo Cantillo) The nose behind this fragrance is … She's on vacation getting a spa treatment. It reminds me a bit of Lust Lush at that point, though Melodie de L'Amour encapsulates a bigger bouquet of flowers. Une nouvelle afronovela colombienne débarque sur A+ pour remplacer Au Rythme De La Passion, il s’agit de La Mélodie De L’amour, dont le titre original est Los Morales ou La Dinastía, produite par Caracol TV en 2017 ! Une nouvelle afronovela colombienne débarque sur A+ pour remplacer Au Rythme De La Passion, il s’agit de La Mélodie De L’amour, dont le titre original est Los Morales ou La Dinastía, produite par Caracol TV en 2017 ! you can tell there is natural oils used which makes a big difference!!! Nevis arrive très jeune à Valledupar à la recherche de sa sœur, Monserrat, dans le but de trouver un endroit où s’intégrer. I may be biased and can not be objective to anything Dusita (big loves for Fleur de Lalita and La Douceur de Siam) but this is STUNNING. Lambada. Avertissez-moi par e-mail des nouveaux articles. Il tombe amoureux de July Cuello, la fille de Carmelo, l’ennemi juré de son père Miguel Morales et cette relation n’est pas approuvé par les deux pères. Stunning beauty. The younger sister to Fleur de Lalita. En grandissant, ce jeune homme ne peut cacher les sentiments négatifs qui nourrissent son cœur ainsi que l’arrogance et l’envie, qui lui feront faire de nombreuses erreurs. Pour les choses du destin, ce vieil homme sent qu’il a le droit de reconstruire sa vie amoureuse, et tombe sous le charme d’Anabel, la mère de Carmelo, qui lui posera de gros problèmes. This perfume makes me think of my kid brother's first sandwich. I feel like it would bloom beautifully when sprayed on clothes (I just have a dabber sample) or during the summer, so I will re-test it then and hope for more gardenia. Que les je t'aime de leurs chansons Baladins de la nuit Ils ont gribouillé sur les murs Des mots qui parlaient de futur Qui parlaient de la vie Oh oh Je l'entends sur leurs guitares Ma mélodie d'amour Elle vous prend sans crier gare Ma mélodie d'amour C'est une chanson qui passe Mais qui revient toujours Et je la tiens De bohémiens Fracas and Petit Fracas sister. Il est l’auteur ainsi de plusieurs chansons dont En la luna (2004), Fe (2007), Que vueltas de la vida (2009). My second Dusita sample and once again, I'm totally blown away. Top notes are gardenia, tuberose, and honey; middle notes are peach, broom, lily-of-the-valley, and Indian jasmine; base notes are cedar and musk. I approached this with a little apprehension as Tuberose Indoles can have me screaming for oxygen. I responded something like things do not necessarily work together just because you want them to and there is such a thing as too much of the good thing. ( Déconnexion /  I must have a different formulation as the official sample I have describes: "At the heart, an exquisite new accord of pure Cedarwood Oil and the opulent staying power of Musk", whilst peach, broom and indian jasmine are listed as the base notes, unlike the note pyramid above. It definitely has that Dusita DNA. This fragrance doesn't smell sweet to me at all. I thought it smelled like a funeral, actually.

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