[87] Nonetheless, Zoro has never given Luffy any reason to doubt his loyalty and his actions have shown that he is perhaps the most dedicated to him. Pudding informs Luffy of her intentions to kill Sanji. He also accepted Charlotte Pudding's help during his, and his crew's, escape from Whole Cake Island and trusted her enough to allow Sanji to join her to enact her plan. When he confronted Luffy, he was both flabbergasted, and annoyed, by Luffy’s nonchalant attitude towards him. [52] This did not affect their genuine concern for each other, however, as upon discovering the situation with Nico Robin, and his desire to help but knowing he could not face Luffy, he disguised himself as 'Sogeking' in order to help. On top of this, his sword skills, physical prowess, and mental fortitude, especially post time-skip, has made him one of Luffy's most dangerous combatants and has earned him the fourth-highest Straw Hat bounty at 320,000,000. After successfully doing so he received his first bounty for his role and was convinced to join the Straw Hats as their official shipwright after building them the Thousand Sunny from the Adam Wood he had bought with the money he had stolen from Usopp. [36], Since then, he has been a faithful member of Luffy's crew and does his best to contribute wherever he can. Luffy prepares to fight Big Mom in his Gear Fourth form. [192] Luffy's care for Nami is such that, despite his steadfast refusal to ever share his meat,[193] he made an exception for her when he saw she was upset as they left Arabasta. Holdem viewed Luffy as an enemy for causing trouble in Bakura Town, although he was not aware of who he actually was because of the isolation of Wano. May 5th (Children's Day)[12] Monkey D. Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, a crew that hails from the East Blue of the One Piece world. Chopper has become a faithful admirer of Luffy and is constantly astounded by his impressive feats, especially when he goes beyond his human limitations, however, the excessiveness of how far Luffy pushes himself can irritate Chopper as a doctor. He also holds the special accolade of being the only member of the Straw Hats, besides Luffy himself, to have fought a emperor in one-on-one combat. The two shared a sense of hostility and thoroughly saw each other as enemies, however, by the end of their fight they had grown to immensely respect each other. Unlike most of his opponents, Luffy never called Katakuri by anything but his actual name, instead of a nickname or shortening it, which symbolises his respect for him. He arrived incognito as advised, but his cover was blown due to an attack by the navy, and the whole world soon realized that Luffy had returned. They were impressed when Luffy stated his intention to form his own crew and become a great pirate that would be stronger than all of them. People. To Luffy, Katakuri was an incredibly frustrating, and overwhelmingly tough, enemy. Slowly, but surely, she became more comfortable with Luffy and his crew and began to open up, bonding with Luffy and growing to respect him as her captain and, more importantly, her friend. The two have not crossed paths since but have somewhat kept up to date on each other's activities. When he recruited Brook into his crew he was very fond of his rendition of Binks' Sake because it was a song Shanks and his crew would always sing. Unlike a lot of the people Luffy has met, Hawkins seems to take Luffy’s actions in stride rather than becoming unnerved, such as on Sabaody when he did not panic when the arrival of a Marine Admiral was imminent because Luffy had punched a World Noble. [56][252] After the time-skip, he has gained a lot more confidence in Usopp's abilities and stopped Trafalgar Law from going after Caesar Clown because he knew Usopp could comfortably capture him. The Enraged Army led by officers of the Big Mom Pirates sent out to capture Luffy. Cracker and Luffy met during the Whole Cake Island Arc as enemies and fought each other with Luffy emerging the victor. Rubber He told his First Division Commander, Marco, not to let Luffy die and that he would not forgive him if he failed. Luffy is not afraid to criticize her outlook on the world as he got into an argument with her that ended in a fistfight as he tried to get her to understand that she cannot carry the burden of saving her kingdom on her own, and to let him and his crew aid her in defeating Crocodile as that was the best way to save her kingdom. His physical feats has left her in complete shock, such as when he survived being attacked by Richie on Orange Town,[150] when he destroyed two buildings that he was stuck between[151] and when he effortlessly defeated a Kraken. His known family alone has him connected to powerful members in the Revolutionary Army, Marines, and Whitebeard. [312][313] Luffy has shown he is well aware of how intelligent Robin is, such as when he complimented her to Iceburg,[323] and will often turn to her whenever he wants to know information about certain individuals, including his own father. This anger by Luffy's claim prompted her to later brutally attack both of Luffy's crew mates, Nami and Usopp, and tried to force Nami to claim her captain would never become Pirate King. )[3]Luffy-tarou[4] (ルフィ太郎, Rufitarō?, English version: "Luffytaro")[5]Luffy-no-Umi (ルフィの海, Rufinoumi? They both have a great disdain for each other. Luffy sees Vivi as an extremely kind person and someone he wishes to help. Follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew in order to find the greatest treasure ever left by the legendary Pirate, Gol D. Roger. Brook cried in relief at this news and revealed his wanted poster to pledge his loyalty to Luffy. He was in tears from having to fight Luffy after he had left the crew and was delighted to return to them, as was Luffy, who was excited for him to cook again. Seeking to be the greatest pirate in the world, young Monkey D. Luffy also heads toward the Grand Line in search of One Piece. She then proved useful for Luffy as she allowed him to escape the Mirro-World to get some vital respite from his fight with Katakuri. [285] When Sanji had returned to the crew, following the events on Whole Cake Island, Luffy became overtly excited when he said he would cook something for them. Luffy was the first person Katakuri had met that broke his prestiege as the perfect being, having never lost a fight or lied down on his back, and ultimately ended his burden of maintaining such a reputation. [30], Luffy has complete contempt for Blackbeard. When Jinbe informed him of Aokiji leaving the Marines after he lost his fight to his fellow Admiral, Akainu, for the position of Fleet Admiral, he was visibly surprised. [247], Despite generally looking down on people who are cowardly, such as Koby[248] and Shirahoshi,[249] Luffy has never insulted Usopp for his cowardly nature and treats him as an equal member of the crew. [310] After his victory over Lucci, he called out to Robin and told her that they will all leave Enies Lobby together, causing her to cry. He complimented the Straw Hat captain for constraining him, instead of trying to fight him, whilst he was on the Thousand Sunny, as his crew could set sail this way. When Pudding was worrying over Luffy's chances against her brother, Katakuri, he calmly told her that Luffy will be fine and her brother will experience his first defeat. However, they dropped their support when Shanks threatened to let Luffy take over one of their spots. Luffy has turned down numerous offers from Queen to join Kaido’s crew and continuously ridicules the Emperor and openly professes his intent to defeat him. He witnessed Luffy unleash his Haoshoku Haki just as Ace was about to be executed and was left in complete disbelief. He killed the nearby chefs for seeing him this way and continued his fight with Luffy whilst being filled with anger, however, this rage allowed Luffy to finally land a hit on him and momentarily overwhelm him. Nonetheless, they deeply care for one another and balance each other out, Luffy is the fighter and Nami is the thinker. He lost his fight to Kaido and was quickly thrown into Udon Prison by the Beasts Pirates. He would enjoy being with them in the bar and partied along with all of them. Contact MONKEY D LUFFY CREW on Messenger. The Big Mom Pirates dislike Luffy for his defiance towards their captain, Big Mom, and for the chaos he caused on Whole Cake Island. Big Mom and her crew were vexed by Luffy and pursued him as soon as he entered the New World, forcing his crew to separate whilst they were on Dressrosa. [166] Whilst on Cocoyasi Village Luffy placed his straw hat on her head right before his fight with Arlong as a sign of his promise that he will defeat him for her. She was distraught and filled with rage when she discovered Luffy had defeated Katakuri and told her siblings not to allow him to live. [25] After discovering Sanji's situation, Robin advised Luffy again by warning him about the strength of Big Mom when he proposed trying to get Sanji back, which prompted Luffy to decide to try and sneak into the emperor's territory instead. She even tried to ally with her fellow Emperor, Kaido. Luffy seems to respect Aokiji's strength but is often hostile around him due to him being a Marine Admiral and for trying to take Nico Robin from him and his crew. When the Straw Hat captain used his Haoshoku Haki he is visibly impressed. He has complete trust in her intuition and knowledge as a navigator and never questions her. [84] However, upon discovering that he would be receiving a dishonorable death at the hands of a corrupt Marine he agreed to Luffy's offer if it meant being saved. When she was crossing the desert with Luffy she was upset by his statements regarding her wish to prevent conflict from happening in her kingdom and got into a fistfight with him, however, she came to accept Luffy's points and she immediately reconciled. The two are often seen arguing due to Nami getting frustrated by Luffy's antics and stupidity and Luffy being annoyed at Nami for being overbearing and ruining his fun. Luffy's fight with Aokiji was a watershed experience for Luffy, having taken the defeat as a sign of things to come and thus worked to push his body to its limits and ultimately become stronger, this eventually led to him attaining Gear Second and Gear Third. He returned with her to the Mirro-World to continue his battle. He wished to join Luffy's crew but was conflicted with his wish to remain on Water 7 due to still being guilt-ridden about his mentor's death. The familial bond that the Straw Hats share. He has dropped his initial condition of cutting Luffy down if he ever got in the way of his dream, tearfully declaring to his captain, after his defeat to Mihawk, that he will never lose another fight again whilst he is his swordsman, a promise he has somewhat maintained. He firmly told Admiral Akainu that he would not let him kill Luffy. They are seen engaging in silly antics on the ship and the two are notorious for being the idiots of the crew. He almost died because of it, but managed to survive thanks to Trafalgar D. Water Law. Charlotte Katakuri is a Sweet Commander of the Big Mom Pirates, the second son of Big Mom and is a major antagonist to Luffy during the Whole Cake Island Arc. [27] He believes that being Pirate King means having the most … He was furious by Cracker’s comments over Sanji's loyalty and attacked the Sweet Commander for saying Sanji would prefer to live a life of luxury with his new family than to comeback to his crew. Zoro is one of Luffy's most trusted advisers and often acts as the unofficial first mate as he compensates for what Luffy lacks, particularly a stern approach when reprimanding crew members who fail to maintain their composure. Speed is a Shinuchi of the Beasts Pirates and a supporting ally to Luffy after very briefly being his enemy. [76] This act has mostly subsided now that Luffy has a string attached to his hat that stops him from losing it during a fight and Nami has become more active in battles. This led to him becoming a vital aid in Luffy's escape following his fight with Charlotte Katakuri, carrying the Straw Hat captain out of the Mirro-World after having first captured Charlotte Brûlée, and proceeded to activate his Sulong form to fight off the Big Mom Pirates who were waiting for Luffy to escape.[51]. [133] She counselled Luffy after he got into an argument with Usopp, that led to him leaving the crew and challenging Luffy to a duel, and tried to get him to resolve things. The famous mystery treasure named "One Piece". Brook is also one of the few crew members that can consistently make him laugh. He cursed them when he discovered that the Blackbeard Pirates had defeated the Whitebeard Pirates in the Payback War. English Name: At the Battle of Marineford, Beckman held Admiral Kizaru at gun point before he could try and attack Luffy as he escaped in Trafalgar Law’s submarine. Despite their initial, positive, start he became hostile once he realized who Aokiji was and his intentions against his crew mate, Robin. He got off to a chaotic start with him as he is an extremely timid person and was thrown off by Luffy's eccentric and bubbly personality. [54] Despite this she still has arguments with him, which has become a staple of their friendship and are usually started by Nami herself. He was able to convince Luffy to work with Capone Bege despite Luffy's strong dislike of him for trying to kill Pekoms, and was able to keep the peace at their meeting. [49], For Luffy, Katakuri was the first real taste of the power of an elite member of a Emperor's crew. [58], Robin's faith in Luffy is absolute, like most of the crew, and she is often impressed by the actions of her captain. [55] During his encounter with the Admiral, Aokiji, he became furious when he threatened to take Robin away. Usopp getting angry with Luffy for his decision regarding the Going Merry. [251] After Usopp was brutally assaulted by the Franky Family, he became extremely angry and attacked all of them alongside Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper, whilst destroying their house in the process. The second fact you may know is that he is Devil Fruit user and his fruit is Gomu Gomu no Mi which turned his body into rubber. After being defeated and imprisoned by Kaido and the Beast Pirates, Luffy managed to recover from his injuries and was able to work at an absurd rate inside the Prisoner Mine, allowing him to claim a large quantity of dumplings as payment. [118] He has shown to have complete faith in his captain such as when, after Luffy stayed behind to fight Crocodile, he ordered Chopper to keep the crab they were riding on moving and reassured a worried Vivi that Luffy will be fine.[119]. Luffy had first heard of Usopp when he was child as he met his father, Yasopp, who would talk about him. Luffy first met Shanks in his hometown of Foosha Village when he was seven years old. SAY YOU WANT TO LIVE!! Chopper is a reindeer, who is one of the user of “Devil Fruit” in straw hat … Bounty: Franky proudly declared to Nami that they are a member of the crew that will make Luffy the Pirate King when he faced the emperor, Big Mom.[324]. One Piece Anime T Shirt Monkey D. Straw Hat Luffy Shirt Size S-6XL. He has pestered most of his crew members to join, such as Zoro,[28] Nami,[29][30] Sanji,[31][32] Chopper,[33] Franky[34] and Brook,[35] with Usopp[36] and Robin[37] joining of their own accord. Pirate; Captain[2]; Prisoner (former); Bandit (former) He is also not the least bit intimidated by Queen, as he refers to him as "Balloon" and demanded a fight from him. He is a firm believer that Luffy will become Pirate King and proudly stated so whilst being held up by the Marines on Sabaody Archipelago during one of his concerts. He was amazed by his strength and determination to save his crew and wished to aid him directly in his fight with Rob Lucci, but agreed to try and save Robin for him instead. Epithet: The two first met on Water 7 and got off to a bad start when Franky and his family assaulted and robbed Usopp. When he found Speed injured he held her whilst she informed him of what happened to Tama and before fighting Kaido. Despite having gotten used to Luffy's reckless nature, he was left in complete horror after discovering he had been captured by the emperor, Kaido. Marco had first heard of Luffy, like many of the Whitebeard Pirates, from Ace who would talk about him frequently and was very impressed with Luffy's performance throughout the Battle of Marineford. [146] Notably, Luffy holds a grudge on Nami's behalf for all the suffering she went through as he initially refused to save Hatchan because he is a former member of the Arlong Pirates,[195] however, he agreed to save him after Nami wished for him to do so. Luffy finds Brûlée annoying and does not like her for trying to harm his friends, however, he comes to tolerate her presence and acts jovial with her. When he proceeded to turn her into ice and tried to smash her, Luffy was just about able to save her. Marco, like many others, was left stunned when Luffy unintentionally used Haoshoku Haki to stop the attempted execution of Ace. He is one of Luffy's most loyal crew member. [118] Although, for the first time since she met him, she expressed genuine horror over Luffy's actions when news that he had been captured by the emperor, Kaido, reached her. He was absolutely furious when he found out Capone Bege had shot him, thinking he had died, and was prepared to attack his fellow Super Rookie for doing this. When Luffy managed to clear the wall and land right in front of him and his fellow Admirals, he was impressed but bluntly informed Luffy that he was not ready for this stage yet. Its because of this attitude they found it inconceivable that Luffy was not only able to cause so much mayhem for them, but also defeat their most prized member, Katakuri, leaving almost every major member of the Big Mom Pirates completely stunned. )[6] He has also shown signs of pity towards her and believes her to be a failure, finding her complaints over others to be pathetic. When confronted by Ace, he informed his former Division Commander of his intention to capture Luffy as a gift to the World Government but was surprised when Ace told him that he and Luffy are sworn brothers. The two have little relationship, instead just seeing each other as natural enemies due to their respective allegiances. [212] When Luffy demanded that all the mirrors on the Thousand Sunny be broken she ensured that her captain's orders were followed despite being worried, telling Chopper and Brook that they should not get in Luffy's way whilst he fights Katakuri. Whilst Usopp is cowardly and weak Luffy does not disparage him for it in the slightest and values him as a crew member, being distraught when he was forced to kick Usopp out and overjoyed when he had returned. After she rejoined the Straw Hats, following the Enies Lobby Arc, she has continued being a reliable and devoted friend to Luffy. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Whilst thinking of her past, she remembered her friend, Jaguar D. Saul, tell her that one day she will find people that will risk everything for her sake[309] and came to the conclusion that Luffy and his crew are the friends she has been longing for. Since the time skip, Chopper has become more prone in beating up Luffy whenever he says or does something ridiculous. Luffy proceeded to turn around and delivered a powerful Red-Hawk punch on the Shinuchi, defeating him immediately. He has tremendous trust in Luffy's abilities, respects him as captain and holds great admiration for him. Big Mom has immense hatred for Luffy. [76][205][206], Realizing her own shortcomings, and wishing to be more helpful for Luffy, Nami turned to Usopp to help make her a device so she can be more capable in fights, feeling guilty that Luffy and the others constantly have to save her. Foremost is because he defied Big Mom who they obediently serve. [39] Their hatred for him grew when, after defeating Charlotte Cracker, he also defeated Charlotte Katakuri, who they idolize and worship as the center piece of their family, besides Big Mom. Although she is tolerant of Luffy's attitude to most things, she does try to counsel him on what it means to lead people, such as when they arrived on Drum Island and she explained to him that he could not convince the local residents to help him by beating them up, despite having shot at her. Near the end of the battle, the entire crew (including Whitebeard) was shocked to learn Luffy is able to use Haoshoku haki. He took a powerful hit from Akainu during his escape whilst carrying Luffy, only to apologize to Luffy for allowing him to get hurt. Furthermore, her loyalty to Kaido caused her to become angry by Luffy's open declaration that he will be the Pirate King. Luffy dislikes the Big Mom Pirates and believes them to be a cruel and vicious crew. At the end of the Fish-Man Island Arc, Luffy came across members of the Big Mom Pirates and got into a dispute with them over their threat to the people of Fish-Man Island, eventually coming into contact with Big Mom herself via a Den Den Mushi. Marco and Luffy met for the first time at the Battle of Marineford and became allies. Once he found out that Blackbeard was responsible for Ace's capture, and after being taunted by him, he flew into a rage and attacked Blackbeard but was stopped by Jinbe who reminded him that they do not have time to fight Blackbeard and his crew, with Luffy reluctantly agreeing. He has a blood lust for battle and is thus a valuable and dependable ally to Luffy during fights as he is never fazed by who he is up against. His dislike for Luffy grew when he went to try and attack his sister, Charlotte Brûlée, and threw him into a wall. Status: Katakuri was by far Luffy's toughest opponent since he arrived in the New World, having been completely outmatched against the Sweet Commander. Following his defeat at the hands of Kaido, Luffy was taken to Udon Prison where he eventually recovered and began to cause mayhem. During the Battle of Marineford, the two came into contact with each other after Luffy stopped Crocodile's attempt to kill Whitebeard. Despite an initial, intense, confrontation, Luffy understood the extreme power Whitebeard possessed and how important he was to Ace. Jack is the guy with a bounty of exact 1 billion berries : 1,000,000,000. When Luffy arrived at Marineford he immediately intercepted Crocodile's attempt to kill Whitebeard, with Marco taking note of this, praising Luffy that he is not half bad. Luffy loathes Holdem for taking Tama away and grew irritated and more angry at his continuous threats of killing her with his lion. Furthermore, Brook has proven himself to be the lynchpin for plans to come to fruition for the Straw Hats. Luffy is often amazed by Franky's cybotic body and finds him to be greatly entertaining. He was stunned when he found out that Luffy had developed an extremely strong immunity to most poisons. However, he was grateful for his help and briefly thanked him when Marco saved him from Admiral Aokiji. Luffy did not waver in the face of Sanji's stubbornness when he refused to return to the crew and chose to take the full brunt of Sanji's attacks without retaliating. [27] None of his crew members refer to him as ‘captain’ and instead call him by his name, a sign of how close they are. Luffy and Brûlée after he uses her to escape the Mirro-World. Ultimately, however, he sees Luffy as his enemy and will try to see him captured, as he intervened in Trafalgar Law’s rescue attempt of Luffy after he had been defeated by Kaido. [127] Following his victory over Don Krieg,[128] Luffy traveled to Nami's village and freed her and her village from Arlong's rule. He, at one point, commented with delight that he is just as reckless as his brother. [155][156] And when Luffy defeated an even stronger Sweet Commander, Charlotte Katakuri, she was both relieved that he was safe and stunned at his victory. Lucy (ルーシー, Rūshī? [53] He later reminded Luffy that Usopp went against his captain, something that is unforgivable, and believed that accepting his return so easily would tarnish his authority as captain. However, when he met him for the first time in Wano, he seemed to be slightly aware of who he is. 19 $23.99 $23.99. Robin! Shop Monkey D luffy - Straw Hat King Of Pirates One Piece Crew Member one piece t-shirts designed by OutakuLifeStyle as well as other one piece merchandise at TeePublic. Tony Tony Chopper is a doctor from Drum Island who was formerly under the service of Dr. Kureha and was a student of the late Dr. Hiriluk. The entire crew followed their captain's order to follow Luffy across the battlefield and allowed him to lead their attack. The two first meet on Long Ring Long Land and start off rather cordial. Luffy completely hates Kaido for the atrocities he has committed against his friends and crew, as well as to the people of Wano. Residence: Vivi passionately follows the Luffy's adventures and was one of the very few people able to deduce that Luffy had a message for his crew when he rang the Ox Bell following the Battle of Marineford. Edit. Whilst talking to Law he stated how greatly worried he was for Luffy and his well-being once he realizes that Ace is dead. [51] He was left completely distraught after he fought Usopp and kicked him out of the crew,[52] feeling great sadness over the loss of his friend,[53] and was overjoyed once he returned. [37], Despite his hatred for Big Mom, he did not infiltrate her territory with the intention of trying to defeat her, instead he wished to just save Sanji. Before the end of his life, in his final words to Blackbeard and Sengoku, it is implied that he believes Luffy is the person Gol D. Roger has been waiting for and that he will be the one to find One Piece. Premise. Zoro returned the sentiment and greeted Luffy with a big smile. [219] At one point, she even feeds Luffy a piece of meat whilst on Punk Hazard.[220]. Embarrassed, the Big Mom Pirates have pursued Luffy to Wano with the intent to kill him. [144] She was overjoyed when Luffy had come to save her after Enel had taken her to his ship. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. He is also a fair person, as he decided to remove Luffy's seastone handcuffs so he could fight at his best in his Sumo Inferno. They met inside the Seducing Woods after Charlotte Pudding sent Luffy and his team in that direction. $14.99 + $1.99 shipping. The Fifth Division Commander, Flower Sword Vista, saved Luffy from Dracule Mihawk and sliced two cannon balls that were aimed at him. Seeking to be the greatest pirate in the world, young Monkey D. Luffy also heads toward the Grand Line in search of One Piece. He then trained under Rayleigh for two years. Devil Fruit Some of the other crew members have concerns about how much of an impression Luffy has on the young Chopper, not wanting him to lose his innocence. [250] Whilst fighting the Black Cat Pirates he became furious with them when they began to laugh at Usopp and threatened them. Devil Fruit However, Luffy has been frustrated by not having him in his crew on a consistent basis since he joined. [52] He was relieved to be saved by Pekoms and was happy too see he was alive, easily seeing through his disguise. And because he … Luffy mostly saw Pekoms as a friend after they had met again on Zou. 1,448 likes. He became enraged at his comments about Sanji and took offence to them, becoming much more aggressive to the Sweet Commander. Monkey D. Luffy Crew’s Promise: 3D2Y Straw Hat Pirate captain.

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