Ce projet de délibération a , entr'autre , pour objet d'approuver le transfert des résultats de l'excercice 2019 du SPIC assainissement de la commune vers LMV .... S'agissant de l'excédent d'investissement il s'agit tout de même d'abandonner un peu plus de 60 000 … endobj [19] In September 2011 the bill was approved by Parliament and the new entity, the Office National de l'Electricité et de l'Eau Potable (ONEE), was created. These tariffs are reviewed by the government together with the tariffs for the Régies and ONEE's retail water and sewer tariffs. Utilities send bills to local governments. Bonnes pratiques en assainissement et en gestion des pertes en eau Environment Directorate-General The Directorate-General for the Environment is one of the more than 40 Directorates-General and services that make up the European Commission. The average subsidy level per connection is 35 percent. 7% collected water from unprotected public wells and 4% from unprotected private wells inside their home or yard. It has been engaged in the Moroccan water and sanitation sector since 1972 with nine investment projects with a lending volume of more than US$500 million. FTP may operate in an active or a passive mode, which determines how a data connection is established. However, the level of retail tariffs varies from one locality to another. Clôture du budget annexe communal M49 dédié au SPIC et réintégration de l’actif et du passif dans le budget principal de la commune, Après l’arrêté des comptes, puis le vote du compte de gestion et du compte administratif par le conseil municipal, l’ordonnateur reprend au budget principal de la commune : Le résultat de la section de fonctionnement, Le solde d’exécution de la section d’investissement, Ainsi … De jure, according to the municipal code of 1976 (Charte Communale), amended in 2002 and 2008, public services such as water supply, sewerage and electricity distribution are the responsibility of municipalities (communes). <> FTP connection mode (active or passive), determines how a data connection is established. They also collect charges for abstraction and effluent discharges. Une loi du 3 août revient sur la mise en œuvre du transfert des compétences « eau » et « assainissement » aux intercommunalités. According to the World Bank, the output-based aid approach has helped to improve processes, overcome financing obstacles and mobilize stakeholder partnership.[25][26]. Le modèle de … Jacky Cottet, Programme Solidarité Eau Solidarité Eau Europe 1 out of 4 persons in the world drinks non-drinkable … The Euro 12m project was initiated in 2008 and is scheduled to be completed in 2017. [4] Groundwater resources are overexploited in parts of the country, in particular in the Sous-Massa area in the South where irrigation is the predominant water user. Nous concevons une large gamme de surpresseurs, qui permet de maintenir une pression constante, indépendamment des variations de consommation, de la topographie du terrain et de la hauteur des bâtiments. However, the basin agencies took many years and they still remain relatively weak entities. [17], In 1995 a new, comprehensive Water Law (Loi 10-95) was passed. Il y a désormais lieu de réintégrer l’actif et le passif de ce budget annexe dans le budget principal 2015, de mettre à disposition de la métropole … Active FTP : command : client >1023 -> server 21 data : client ... Building Internet Firewalls, 2nd Ed, by Brent Chapman and Elizabeth Zwicky. However, the application of this decision has been delayed and until 2009 only sewer tariffs were only increased in one town. [30], Several private multi-utility concessionaires provide drinking water, sewerage services and electricity in Casablanca, Rabat, Tangiers, and Tetouan. Présenter le cadre règlementaire du transfert des compétences « eau » et « assainissement »; Essayer de répondre à vos attentes, en intégrant vos questions, vos territoires, et en se basant sur une approche ciblée sur les enjeux et points de vigilance. It was estimated that in 2004 about 13.5 billion m3 were withdrawn, or about 67% of available resources. ��#�=�l7�7�D@�X�v"�O���"i�y@wDz[*]TK�F���I ;ėD`,���B�i8`5����FE&�4�xA���. 6 0 obj ONEE and the Régies have to pay fees (redevances) for water abstraction and wastewater discharge to the basin agencies. There are four categories of urban service providers in Morocco: private concessionnaires (38% of urban water customers), municipal utilities (31%), the national public company ONEE (28%), and municipalities providing services directly (3%). The Régie Autonome de Distribution de l'Eau et de l'Elecricité de Nador (RADEEN) was taken over by ONEP in about 2007 as a result of the utility's failure to properly to clean up the highly polluted lagoon of Nador. The Ministry of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment (Ministère de l'Energie, des mines, de l'eau et de l'environnement) is in charge of water resources management and bulk water supply, while the Ministry of Interior is in charge of supervising water distribution and sanitation carried out by municipal utilities. Within the government of Morocco responsibilities for water supply and sanitation are shared by various Ministries. The Moroccan Association for Water Supply and Sanitation (Association Marocaine de l'Eau Potable et de l'Assainissement - AMEPA) is a trade association created in 1997 to "address upcoming challenges and defend the sector's interests". Droits et obligations (en particulier pour les différentes conventions qui peuvent engager la collectivité transférant) Personnels dédiés à la gestion de la compétence (que ce soit de manière opérationnelle, ou en maîtrise d'ouvrage). Durée de la formation: 1 jour. The total amount of its funding in the sector has been US$180 million until 2006, benefiting 20 Moroccan towns, in particular Tangiers. [56] In Nador French aid contributes through a loan approved in 2007 to clean up the highly polluted lagoon of Nador, the largest lagoon in the Mediterranean. As in other countries, it also does not cover the costs of plumbing installations inside the property. Another 3.5% were estimated to use an unprotected spring as their main source of water supply, so that in total 18% of the population lacked access to an improved water source. The projects are executed by ONEP. The Directorate of Public Utilities and Concessions (DRSC), also in the Ministry of the Interior, monitors the performance of Régies and concessions. [40] In 2002 it was decided that the sewer tariff in small towns served by ONEP should become uniform for all towns, using an increasing-block structure. Convert Simple Present to Passive 12. In addition, 14.25% of the shares are traded on the Casablanca stock exchange since 2005. Dans les régions du Sahel et du Centre-Nord en particulier, respectivement 92 pour cent et 28 pour cent des centres de santés sont fermés ou fonctionnent au ralenti (cluster santé, novembre 2020) et cela réduit l’accès des populations aux soins de santé et aux programmes de prise en charge ou de prévention de la malnutrition. [16] The foundations for two important elements of today's water and sanitation sector - private concessions for water distribution in large cities and a national public company for bulk water supply - were thus already laid during the protectorate. L'avenir de l'eau, l'affaire de tous, 2006, p. 3, Royaume du Maroc/Banque mondiale/KfW:Revue Stratégique du Programme National d'Assainissement, Mai 2008, p. 4, World Bank and KfW:Revue stratégique du Porgamme National d'Assainissement, 2008, p. 4, quoting a study by Xanthoulis, Soudi and Khalayoune of 2001. On the other hand, it is insufficient to allow for full cost recovery. Furthermore, ONEE provides water through standposts to one third of the rural population that has access to an improved source of water. proposant la dissolution de celui-ci à compter du 31 mars 2011 et le transfert de ses personnels et de ses biens (actif et passif) au Syndicat d'eau et d'assainissement du Sud Vienne en cours de constitution, à compter du 1er avril 2011 et demandant à ses communes membres un avis sur la dissolution du SMEPEP ; CONSIDERANT %PDF-1.5 N°13 - Budget annexe "Eau en Régie" du Territoire du Pays d'Aix – Approbation du transfert de l'actif et du passif de la commune de Gardanne pour exercer la compétence "Eau" Rapporteur Mme Laforgia . [11], Source: Enquête sur la Population et la Santé Familiale (Population and Family Health Survey) 2004. Morocco has about 22 billion cubic meters of conventional renewable water resources per year equivalent to 730 cubic meter/capita/year. Also in 1995, the government launched an ambitious Rural Water Supply Program (Programme d'approvisionnement groupé en eau potable des populations rurales - PAGER) to face the challenge of very low access to potable water in rural areas. Bulk water tariffs. Between 1997 and 2006 it provided 10 loans totaling Euro 283m. The students handed in the reports.. Maria crashed into the blue car. ONEE (Office National de l'Electricité et de l'Eau Potable) is an electric utility and a bulk water provider that produces 80 percent of the country's drinking water and sells much of it to the Regies and the private concessionnaires. ein Resultat. The program has relieved women and children from the burden of carrying water. Dans le cadre de la mise en place de la politique de l'eau de l'Agglo, la collectivité souhaite exercer en propre les compétences sur l'ensemble de son territoire. In 2007 the French Development Agency (AFD) supported projects with a value of Euro 130m for urban and rural water supply and Euro 145m for sanitation. It was created in 1996, replacing an earlier Higher Council created in 1981. Furthermore, an Interdepartmental Commission on Prices approves proposals for tariff increases. Lydec, the concession holder in Casablanca, is owned by SUEZ Environnement (51%), the Moroccan insurance company RMA Watanya (15%) and the Moroccan investment company FIPAR-Holding (19.75%). The largest of the cities served by Regies autonomes are Agadir, Fes, Marrakech, Meknes and Oujda. L’objet de l’étude vise à … The country's largest reuse project is currently under construction in Marrakech, where reclaimed water from a 90,000 m3/day plant will be reused primarily to irrigate golf courses. 3 0 obj Lorsqu’une compétence transférée à un Etablissement Public de Coopération Intercommunale concerne un Service Public Industriel et Commercial (SPIC) comme l’eau, le transfert présente des … [67] The World Bank also provided budget support through a US$100 million to Morocco through a Water Sector Policy Development Loan approved in 2007. Transmise au Ministère … The project had been under preparation for seven years. 15/09/17 Préfecture du Tarn - DDT 2 Sommaire 1. De fait, elle doit se retirer de plusieurs syndicats intercommunaux, avec lesquels il est donc nécessaire de trouver un accord qui entérine les conditions techniques, … In addition, the quality of water resources is degraded through pollution, in particular in the Sebou basin. [60], Since 1994 JBIC has provided loans of Dirham 3.6 billion to ONEP. The country's largest city, Casablanca, is served by the private operator Lydec. In 2004 the national rural water supply program PAGER received the United Nations Public Service Award in the category improvement of public service results. A consortium called Lydec, led by Lyonnaise des Eaux (now SUEZ), was awarded the 30-year concession without a competitive tender in 1997. De nombreuses collectivités ont procédé au transfert des compétences eau et assainissement au 1er janvier dernier. The surplus is used to cross-subsidize ONEE's activities in rural water supply and in sanitation, where tariffs do not cover costs. [36] Urban tariffs are differentiated by locality, by the quantity consumed, and by the type of use (residential, public, commercial and industrial). ACTUALITES lettre d'Alain Blanquer aux Lieuranais..... Les petits marchés des lundi, mardi et vendredi sont autorisés par dérogation du Sous-Préfet. The agencies cover the following basins ranked in the order of the available water resources in each basin: Sebou River, Moulouya River, Oum Er-Rbia River, Bou Regreg River, Tensift River, Loukkos River and the Souss-Massa basin, Ziz-Er Gheris et Sakia el Hamra-Oued Eddahab. The Directorate of Public Corporations and Privatization of the Ministry of Finance oversees the fiscal aspects of public utility operations, and the contracting of concessions. Aimed at changing the emphasis of water resources management from supply expansion to demand management it was considered a "paradigm shift" at the time. Bulk water tariffs differ from one city to the other taking into account production costs. 4. éation d’un nouveau udget annexe « ZMEL et Activités Portuaires » 5. Le second cas vise les biens construits ou acquis par l'EPCI et le reste de l'actif et du passif. [citation needed] In 2009 there were more than 100 wastewater treatment plants in Morocco, mostly serving small and medium-sized towns located in the interior or the country. [27] They also provide sewerage services in 280 towns (2003). [6] In 2009 the latter has built or was in the process of building 43 plants, mostly using the stabilization pond technology, but also one activated sludge plant and a few trickling filter plants. [16] Bulk water supply in the rest of the country was entrusted to a new national water company created in 1972, the Office National de l'Eau Potable (ONEP). [28] However, all water-related functions were moved from the Ministry of Public Works to the newly created Ministry of Water and Environment in 2002. stream [31] Amendis, a subsidiary of the French multi-national Veolia Environnement, is the concession holder in Tangier and Tetouan. Retail water tariffs. 7% collected water from springs. La température de fonctionnement est 30%* inférieure avec l'armure, le dissipateur de chaleur et la ventilation réactive. We used the phrase I drive and put this phrase into the most common tenses. Water and sewer tariffs in Morocco follow an increasing-block tariff structure, under which the tariff per cubic meter rises as consumption increases. AVAILABILITY OF WATER AND SANITATION FOR ALL AN IMPORTANT GOAL (SDG 6) IN THE 2015-2030 AGENDA OF THE UNITED NATIONS ! The issue of lack of water connections for some of the urban poor is being addressed as part of the National Human Development Initiative, under which residents of informal settlements have received land titles and have fees waived that are normally paid to utilities in order to connect to the water and sewer network. More than a decade after having been passed the law it is still not fully implemented. These fees do not include the costs of actually establishing the connection from the service line in the street, which the beneficiary has to pay himself separately. An example is the rural water supply program PAGER initiated in 1995 that was supported by Belgium, the European Union, France, Germany, Japan, Kuwait, Luxemburg and the World Bank. endobj [citation needed]. <> Many of these utilities are owned by several municipalities (Régies intercommunales). Si l'une de celles-ci décide de gérer directement la compétence eau ou assainissement et fait sortir ses communes membres du syndicat intercommunal, il lui demande comment sont répartis l'actif et le passif du syndicat intercommunal lorsqu'il n'y a pas d'accord entre les collectivités parties prenantes. Nine river basin agencies are responsible for the management of water resources in Morocco. <> It also distributes water directly to customers in about 500 medium to small towns. Furthermore, according to a World Bank study of 2008, there is a cross-subsidy of about Dirham 1bn from electricity users who are charged distribution tariffs that are above costs. There are more than 62 water supply utilities, including 2 regional, 30 inter-municipal and 30 municipal utilities. De même l’accès humanitaire reste limité à la zone, car dans … Although the council is supposed to meet once a year as per its founding decree, it last met in 2001. 5. ONEE charges tariffs for the supply of bulk water to the private operators and the Régies. [37] There is a 5% special tax on bulk water sales in order to finance the rural water supply program PAGER [38] as well as another more important surtax to finance water supply in small towns. ",#(7),01444'9=82. [1] As of 2004, for 11% the main source of water supply was a public stand pipe, for 5.6% it was a protected well. endobj After independence in 1956 water distribution systems were nationalized and handed over to public companies in the major cities, the so-called Régies. The same operators also provide sanitation in 11 cities and electricity distribution services in 7 cities. Budget Annexe "Eau en délégation" du Territoire du Pays d'Aix - Approbation du transfert de l'actif et du passif de la commune du Puy Sainte Réparade pour exercer la compétence " Eau " Résumé La présente délibération a pour objet l'intégration du patrimoine de la commune du Puy-Sainte-Réparade permettant l'exercice de la compétence « Eau » ainsi que son financement. Overall, the sector is characterized by a complex and fragmented institutional framework, which - according to a 2004 World Bank report - "has hindered the formulation of a comprehensive sector-wide vision and the establishment of coherent policy objectives".[27]. [54] The program's specific objectives were to effectively implement the 1995 Water Framework Law, to reduce the costs for the state budget and to increase the effectiveness of the sector institutions. pS-Eau | Guide Développer les services d’assainissement, 16 questions pour agir A l’image du guide eau potable, ce document donne des repères aux acteurs de la solidarité internationale qui soutiennent le développement des services d’assainissement au Sud pour garantir la pertinence de leurs interventions et optimiser la qualité des actions. [15] In the city of Layoune, which is served by a seawater desalination plant that has insufficient capacity to supply the entire city, water supply was intermittent in 2010. Except for the Loukkos River, all these rivers originate in the Atlas Mountains.There are few inter-basin transfers in Morocco, the most important ones being the Rocade canal from the Oum Er-Rbia basin to the Tensift basin near Marrakesh, a transfer from near the mouth of the Oum er-Rbia to Casablanca and a transfer from the Bouregreg River also to Casablanca. endstream For example, bulk water tariffs for Casabalanca, where the service provider is private, are twice as high as for the neighboring city Settat. Définitions 2. The volumetric tariff for each tariff block remained unchanged. The key actors at the policy level in the sector are the Ministry of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment in charge of water resources management and the Ministry of Interior in charge of water supply and sanitation. Transfert de Compétence - Assainissement Eaux Usées – transfert des emprunts à Dinan Agglomération 7. 83% of withdrawals were for agriculture and 17% for municipal and industrial uses. Their level is low, not allowing the basin agencies to cover its own administrative costs, not to speak of contributing to the financing of investments by service providers as foreseen by the law. Using binary mode to transfer files. Ministère de l'Equipement et du Transport: Abdelbikr Zahoud, Secretary of State for Water: Mohamed Hachmi, Secrétariat d'État chargé de l'Eau et de l'Environnement: Royaume du Maroc:Revue Strategique du Programme National d'Assainissement, Banque Mondiale/KfW, 2008, p. 101, Bilan d'Activité Assainissement de l'ONEP, 25 November 2009, Slide 41. The former ONEP became its "water branch".[20]. Objectifs: - Identifier et connaître l’ensemble des outils à disposition des collectivités territoriales pour gérer les services publics locaux - Être à même de pouvoir choisir le meilleur mode de gestion pour les services publics de se collectivités . As mentioned above, some municipalities have delegated service provision to private concessionnaires. Le modèle marocain de gouvernance de l'eau potable, NINTH DRINKING WATER SUPPLY AND SANITATION PROJECT:APPRAISAL REPORT, AfDB Approves 10th Drinking Water Supply Project in Morocco, Loans to Morocco for water and sanitation, L'UE finance un programme d'ajustement du secteur de l'eau au Maroc, PROGRAMME D’AJUSTEMENT STRUCTUREL DU SECTEUR DE L’EAU AU MAROC, L’AFD et le Maroc:Quinze ans de partenariat, L’AFD ET L’EAU EN MÉDITERRANÉE, Ecnadré sur MAROC – LE PLAN DE DÉPOLLUTION DE LA LAGUNE DE NADOR, UNE APPROCHE INNOVANTE, La coopération financière avec le Royaume du Maroc dans le domaine de l'eau et de l'assainissement, Programme Appui à la Gestion Intégrée des Ressources en Eau - AGIRE, Apoyo a la ONEP en su programa del abastecimiento de agua potable y el saneamiento a nivel rural Apoyo a la ONEP en su programa del abastecimiento de agua potable y el saneamiento a nivel rural, Refuerzo institucional en materia de gestión integral del agua a través del apoyo al organismo de Cuenca del Lucos, Program Data Sheet:Improved Water Resources Management in the Souss-Massa River Basin, Projects Search Water and Sanitation in Morocco, La concession au privé de la gestion de l’eau potable et de l’assainissement liquide au Maroc ou La ville à l’épreuve de la bonne gouvernance, Royaume du Maroc:Secrétariat d’Etat auprès du Ministère de l’Energie , des Mines, de l’Eau et de l’Environnement, Chargé de l’Eau et de l’Environnement - State Secretariat of Water and Environment, Office National de l’Eau Potable (ONEP) - National Drinking Water Company, Initiative Nationale pour le Développement Humain (INDH) - National Human Development Initiative, Responsibilities in Latin America and the Caribbean, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Water_supply_and_sanitation_in_Morocco&oldid=997790271, Articles with dead external links from September 2010, Articles with dead external links from May 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Yes, for bulk water supply and small towns, Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment, Water resources law, but no specific law for water supply and sanitation, 17 (ONEE, 4 private operators and 12 local utilities), This page was last edited on 2 January 2021, at 06:59. Pour un assainissement durable. In 2007, the private concessionaires in Casablanca, Tangiers and Tetouan, as well as the public water utility of Meknes began to implement water supply and sanitation pilot projects on the basis of an innovative output-based aid approach. For details see Water privatization in Morocco. The Ministry of Public Health (Ministère de la santé publique, MSP) is the main water quality regulator in the sector, responsible for setting and enforcing public health drinking water standards. The clean-up plan for the bay is inspired by similar experiences in France (Contrats de Baie) under which different public players work together for the common goal to clean up a coastal bay. In 2009 the total volume of approved and on-going investment projects supported by KfW was Euro 407m, all executed by ONEP in small and medium-sized towns and rural areas. [46], Cost recovery in the sector remains a challenge. These institutions are, however, still relatively weak. [34] Fassi Fihri, General Director of ONEP, was the President of AMEPA as of November 2009. Les syndicats du territoire sont dissous de droit, et l'actif et le passif sont transférés directement à la CCARM. einen Prozess oder einen Zustand bzw. During the French Protectorate, beginning in 1912, water supply and sanitation in many large cities in Morocco were managed under a concession to the private company Société Marocaine de Distribution d'eau, de gaz et d'electricité (SMD). Its lower operating costs make it less vulnerable to disruptions in the case of strained operating budgets. 1 0 obj « EAU ET ASSAINISSEMENT » AUX EPCI A FISCALITE PROPRE Les objectifs de préservation de la ressource en eau et les fondements de la politique de l’eau s’appuient sur des principes et des objectifs définis au niveau européen notamment de bon état écologique de l’eau qui demeurent inchangés. Le transfert des compétences « Eau » et « Assainissement » La loi portant nouvelle organisation territoriale de la République (dite « NOTRe ») du 7 août 2015 a prévu le transfert obligatoire des compétences communales « Eau » et « Assainissement » aux établissements publics de coopération intercommunale à fiscalité propre qui ne l’exerceraient pas encore. 2020-11-11T06:19:32Z Transfert de compétence – Transport scolaire – à Dinan … Morocco is divided in seven major river basins and a number of smaller basins. 2Dans les domaines liés au cycle de l’eau, elle va largement modifier l’organisation et la gouvernance des services d’eau et d’assainissement en imposant le transfert obligatoire des compétences eau et assainissement (collectif et non collectif, avec une impossibilité de transfert partiel) aux communautés de communes et d’agglomération au plus tard au 1er janvier 2020 assorti d’un objectif de réduction du … (Case COMP/M.5461 — Société Lyonnaise des Eaux/Sociétés de Distribution d'Eau et d'Assainissement) (Text with EEA relevance) (2009/C 160/06) 1. Selon le 2° de l'article L. 5211-25-1 du CGCT : "Les biens meubles et immeubles acquis ou réalisés postérieurement au transfert de compétences sont répartis entre les communes qui reprennent la compétence ou entre la commune qui se retire de l'établissement public de coopération intercommunale et l'établissement ou, … Morocco is increasingly looking towards seawater desalination as a source to supply its increasing water needs for drinking, industry and mining. External cooperation plays a major role in the Moroccan water and sanitation sector. Simple Past vs Past Passive 3-4. [57], Germany has supported the Moroccan water sector since the early 1980s and was among the first donors to support the Moroccan government's efforts at expanding access to sanitation in small and medium-sized towns in the early 1990s. <>>> The law also provided the legal basis for the establishment of river basin agencies for integrated water resources management, inspired by examples of such agencies in France and Spain, among other countries. The track record of operating these plants is better than for the plants operated by municipalities, partly because the predominant technology - stabilization ponds - does not require electricity. Standpipe services, which are common for the urban poor, are typically free. 6% of the rural population used shared latrines, and 38% were estimated to defecate in the open. River basin agencies have a number of important responsibilities. WHO/UNICEF:Joint Monitoring Program for Water and Sanitation: The WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program for Water and Sanitation estimates that half of all springs are protected springs, and that this half can thus be considered an. [65], USAID supported improved water resources management in the Souss-Masa basin between 1999 and 2005.[66]. Beginning in 2002 the African Development Bank, the European Union and subsequently the World Bank also provided budget support linked to the fulfillment of certain policy conditions. The investments in the water and sanitation sector increased substantially between 2003 and 2005.